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Dell: Your one stop computer shop has arrived

The name Dell is one that is highly recognizable. Most importantly, it's extremely respected as a brand that delivers in all facets of technology, from PCs to storage and everything in between.
When you talk about a "computer company," it's easy to pigeon hole an entity like Dell as such. What does Dell do, you ask? They sell computers, right?

Well, that's true, an Dell does it with extreme precision and expertise to the tune of billions of dollars in revenue every year, including nearly 60 billion last year.

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But to call Dell a computer company would be like calling the world's greatest amusement park a plain, old carnival.

Dell is a multi faceted and highly engaging company that not only ranks as one of the top PC distributors and vendors in the world but also works diligently to provide businesses (small and large) and individual, at home customers anything from remarkable desktops to laptops, along with serves for business, TV's and arguably their most profitable and prominent item: monitors.

What customers and businesses owners love about Dell is their ability to adhere to the needs of customers without so much as a hesitation. With Dell, customers can build their own computers and aren't necessarily oversold products that they don't need. In other words, think about how many times you wish you could just pay for the cable television channels you watch, rather than a few hundred dollars per month for 500 channels.

Dell gives the power back to the people when it comes to computers and what they ultimately want. As for those monitors, Dell sends more monitors to customers then any other company in the world.
Anyone who has had the pleasure of using a Dell computer knows just how user friendly and reliable they are, and you can say the same for just about any product with that indelible and well known logo on it. The overwhelming consensus about Dell as well from a service standpoint is that they have one of the more sympathetic and engaging customer service departments around, not just speaking specifically about computers either.

That department is willing to help, listen and fix problems with little if any issue.
Prices for all of Dell's products are more than just competitive. They're eye catching and affordable, and again center on what you've decided to build. As affordable as Dell is, you can save even more with a plethora of Dell Coupon Codes that ensure more savings.

That sounds a lot like a company that is doing quite well but more so knows exactly what it means to keep customers happy and thus returning every time they need another product, upgrade or are recommending or referring a fellow vice president or stay at home mom just how wonderful Dell treated them, and just how remarkable their product or service in question has been.

Dell isn't just about name value or what they've done. The company is constantly evolving and making what they sell even better, knowing that is exactly what any buyer would ultimately want.

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HP Coupon Codes: Today's computer must be rooted in versatility

From desktops to laptops and tossing in tablets for good measure, today's consumers is faced with quite the buying conundrum as it relates to what to buy in the world of technology, more specifically buying a computer.

Consumers tend to focus on laptops that are thin and flexible, the kind that can fold over like a book and double as a tablet. They stress battery life and portability as features they can't live without. The desktop market is all about finding one that doesn't take up a lot of desk space or can be equal parts compact, yet sport a monitor that is hardly mediocre. In an age when 4K ultra high definition TVs are becoming all the rage, why can't you have that same sharp picture on your at home desktop computer.

Simply put, the consumer when it comes to computer buying wants versatility. They say you can't have it all, but one company disagrees wholeheartedly with that assessment.

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Say hello to HP.

When it comes to laptops, you'd be hard pressed to find such a selection, but the Spectre model is hard not to stop and stare at when you see just how paper thin it is The Spectre is about as sleek as you get from a laptop at barely over 10 mm thin and coupled with an i5 processor, a speedy, smart step in a sensational direction. The Spectre name also has a 360 degree counterpart that has that laptop hybrid feel to it since you can guess from the name that you can fold it over and use it as a tablet.

HP also scores with its line of desktop computers, and much the same way you can't take your eyes off the Spectre line of laptops, the desktop choices are abundant and amazing. Ironically, the HP Envy desktop has that curved screen that simply is a must have. The screen is breathtaking but the real selling point is that it is an all in one model with no cumbersome tower but simply a monitor, mouse and keyboard ready to unpack and put to work.

What's nice is that you can purchase these directly from the HP web site, in conjunction with HP online coupon codes that take the already reasonable pricing and add to it within additional savings to have the PC you want at the right price.

At a glance, when you look at HP and its selection, you can see this company is the epitome of not only versatility but they're just having fun creating a series of computers that adhere to what customers want: everything.

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Sales farce: How to sell online better and faster

Who hasn't looked around the garage, taken stock of what they have and thought about how to earn extra money by getting rid of what they don't use?
The question remains not so much if you're going to sell or even when but rather how. How do you know what online site has the most bang for the proverbial buck? Should you leave it to Craig's List and minus the fees or go with something like eBay, perhaps more reputable than most but chocked full of ways to make you pay?
The truth is some sites work really well and others not so much.
eBay easily is in the discussion as one of the more reputable ones, but don't discount the selling power of Amazon, either. Amazon is a powerhouse, tour de force and one of the more attractive sites to sell your items. The key to selling is the credibility of the site you're on (something that Craig's List struggles with, at no fault of its own).
Craig's List has the reputation for forcing you to deal with people that waffle on buying decisions or simply no show altogether after you've potentially driven miles to a meeting point. Craig's List also is well documented as a site that is filled with scams, something you won't find too frequently if at all on Amazon or eBay.

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You also can't look past the power of social media, either, when it comes to selling. Facebook is chalked full of sites made specifically for selling, not auctions per say but rather people just using the potential and upside of other people in need of items. Social media has a Craig's List type feel to it, but a lot of times the people interested and buying are your "friends" or those who follow your page.
That in and of itself makes it light years ahead of Craig's List as far as feel safe that you're not going to be meeting up with someone you can't trust. If nothing else a Facebook friend at least is someone you potentially know (or someone you know, knows them).
If you're looking to sell something of value that you don't want to ship or is a car or other large scale item, Craig's List is the way to go. Most serious buyers do enjoy Craig's List, plus the site also is tailored to buy or rent homes. You can pinpoint your location and selling a car, for instance, is a lot easier than trying to arrange pickup through an eBay, for instance.
The ability to sell online is a huge upgrade than the antiquated garage sale where you're lucky to make a hundred bucks for the day. The influx of online selling options seems like it arrived in an instant, which is good for buyers as long as they're aware of what works best for them.

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Lap dogged: How to fix that slow computer minus the expense

Who hasn't had to deal with a slow computer? 
Even users of Apple, those with the latest and greatest laptop or a high powered desktop, you still can find yourself at the other end of a slow computer that is driving you crazy.
The next step most consumers take is trying to find someone or some place of business to fix it, and that can be costly on a number of levels, whether you're paying for parts, the deductible even if you have insurance on the computer or the ridiculous hourly rate that you'll find on that invoice.
And while some PC and Mac problems can't be fixed by the user, and often times you have to seek the help of an expert, you also can find a way to take the problem as your own and tackle the slow computer on your own, minus the high fees that typically are involved.
Some may find it too difficult, but the truth is that fixing it doesn't have to be an all in or trying task.
The easiest place to start is deleting temporary internet files and programs that you're not using. This common task has been around since the dawn of the computer, and the programs and deleting them will make a slower PC run like a charm most of the time.

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In some instances, you may have to do a backup from time to time on an external drive and leave that external drive filled with music, photos and other documents while the main body, the computer itself, now is free and clear and space being used no longer is an issue. That external drive will help, but you can also add memory to your PC to make it zip along at a pace more consistent with newer devices.
Furthermore, as a consumer, you have to ensure you are buying a PC or Mac that fits your needs. If you're playing games on the computer, you want to make sure processor speed is higher than the norm.
Often times, too, the virus protection you have can slow down your PC mightily so before you install anything you should do research on which virus protection is equal parts effective and not going to turn your PC into a glorified door stop since it might be rendered too frustrating and barely able to function.
That computer is often your life line at home or at work, and having one that works the way you want it to is paramount, but the moment something goes awry and it isn't functioning, you don't have to run for help but stand pat and put the burden on your shoulders first.

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Lap dogged: Is buying cheaper laptop pure genius?

The evolution of the laptop is one that has taken quite the downturn recently in some ways given that this type of computer no longer costs a few thousand but more like a few hundred.
In short, the laptop has turned into a lap dog.
But should price be the only way to determine if a laptop really is worthwhile owning?
Unless you're an avid gamer and you need some serious horsepower, laptops have come down in price for the masses and with good reason. Most who use a computer or laptop will tell you that they don't need a boatload of memory or processor speed give that they're mostly using it for the internet and perhaps email and a few photos here and there. Even the most modest laptop is going to be just fine for those reasons.
One laptop, in particular, is the epitome of where laptops have gone in recent years: the Lenovo Idea Pad 100s. The laptop is small but has a superb battery life and the best part about this little gem: the price.

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Just like other comparable laptops of that ilk, the Lenovo Think Pad checks in at under $200, and that is enough to get it more than just a few looks. The battery life is worth talking about and for the money, it is a competent laptop and one that likely will fulfill most of the needs of consumers that aren't interest in spending nearly a thousand dollars for a full blown laptop that they'll never truly use to its fullest potential.
Now, the Lenovo Think Pad might be something worth pondering before you just assume this a buy hands down. This laptop is slow and the screen looks outdated since the resolution is rarely something you'd gaze it in a amazement, certainly not making it the kind of laptop you'd want to have if you're multi tasking or in need of something that is going to be graphics strong.
But again, the goal is to appeal to the masses and the Lenovo Think Pad does just that. At the price point, Lenovo undoubtedly believes its going to make up in sticker price by selling in volume.
That move makes the most sense since the days of shelling out a small fortune for a laptop is over. Sure, you'll get some that are going to over pay for the laptops of old, but the new version of the laptop is more like the Think Pad then the one that harkens back to the day laptops were a commodity rather than the norm.

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