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Match.com: Your perfect someone is right around the corner

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a thousand times regarding relationships.

Your perfect match is only a click away.

This of course is a direct comment toward online dating and the plethora of sites dedicated to that, some of which are better than others.

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One site that resides in that former category is Match.com, a dating site that is at the forefront, a premiere forum that helps individuals find love online the right way. Match focuses on allowing the users to profile others on the site with a variety of photos and descriptions that are equal parts engaging and informative.

Between the photos and visual aspect of the site to the profiles that are written by the users themselves, Match is made for the individual who wants to find someone that fits what they're looking for in all aspects of what a user would feel to be ideal.

The one downside of online dating is the uncertainly behind who you're talking to but also the communication piece. Match is totally different in that regard as all contact between perspective matches is kept discrete and secure until the users agree that it's acceptable to share last names.
Profiles are also put through a rigorous process set forth by Match and its customer service group.

In addition, Match allows you the opportunity to try the service first before buying, so that you can see all the elements that go into building a profile and starting the process. After that, the monthly service fee is quite affordable.

Match is an exclusive online entity, and you can save even more of an already low membership rate with Match.com promotion codes that only add to the value of this site.

Match.com is always expanding its portfolio with the acquisitions of other companies and operations that can only enhance their customer service element, such as offering Match members the opportunity to meet other singles at various events across the country.

This, along with all the testimonials and advertising, is rooted in what Match.com does better than any other dating site in the world: pair people together for more than just a date or two.

Match.com is about the long haul, and not a quick fix up from your friends or the constant dating pool that is running dry right before your eyes.

Instead, Match is about finding a mate with forever and always in mind. Their successes speak volumes, but anyone still unsure about using Match might want to consider the millions of men and women who have finally found their true love.
And of course, that perfect match.

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eHarmony: Date night just got that much more meaningful

You'd be hard pressed to find an individual who hasn't seen one of the many entertaining and engaging eHarmony commercials. You'd also have a hard time finding someone who hasn't tried the online dating site and emerged from that experience happier having found someone who they could honestly deem a perfect match.

eHarmony takes the dating and meeting people scene by storm with an adept and intelligent way to view how to match individuals to the tune of a success rate that every business, brand or company model would love to tout.

What sets eHarmony apart from the plethora of dating sites promising you the world and yet under delivering on a consistent basis is the expert detail used to find you that special someone, a line from that commercial the world knows and love but is hardly just idle and forgettable rhetoric.

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eHarmony compiles a lit of questions that prospective members answer and then they're matched accordingly with someone who shares in those same likes, dislikes, interests, beliefs, etc. They begin the pairing process based on commonality, debunking the thought that you'd be better served with someone who is opposite of you or "compliments" your difference. eHarmony and their ability to use the same to same mentality has resulted in a sea of satisfied customers that only act to refer more would be daters to the site.

What started out as a modest dating site is now the most recognized name in online dating, setting itself apart from other sites of that same ilk and much further away from sites that hardly are interested in finding prospective members the type of long term, worthwhile relationships that you seek, the kind of love and companionship you simply struggle to find in the most usual places and certainly won't find on lesser dating sites.

eHarmony is an exclusive online entity, and the organization allows you to try the service for free before what can only be described as a nominal fee is charged, but you can save even more of an already low membership rate with eHarmony promotional codes that only add to the value of this site.

More than 30 million people belong to eHarmony, but anyone who has used the sites and adopted the service to find that truest of loves knows that eHarmony must be happy about their membership numbers and subsequent revenue figures but their even more content on continuing their excellence in matchmaking.

And that sounds like perfect harmony and certainly music to the ears of prospective and current members.

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eHarmony Promotional Codes: ‘Love Is Closer than You Think'

Dating is rarely easy, despite the convenience of modern technology, the ease of searching through various online sites, and the speed of sending and receiving messages to a potential paramour.

Insofar as there is a science to this process -- to the extent that a site has you create an in-depth profile about yourself, replete with your spiritual interests and your everyday pursuits -- eHarmony is the exception to the rule: It has an extensive -- and worthwhile -- series of questions users must answer, so a match can be more accurate and less prone to happenstance; more immune from the sort of "romantic gambling" that leaves too many things to chance, causing dates to go awry, relationships to dissolve and marriages to never (or rarely) happen.

Keycode supports eHarmony because, like every brand we showcase and on behalf of every discount, coupon or promotion we highlight, we believe in the integrity of this company.

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We can attest to its virtues and values, which complement our commitment to excellence -- benefits we provide consumers, so they can shop with a conscience, and uphold the principles we all respect and admire.

These qualities distinguish eHarmony from the competition because this brand emphasizes love, the pairing of couples in furtherance of sacred ideas and sacrosanct ideals.

These attributes are of great importance, as they reflect the success of eHarmony as a trusted brand with a dedicated following.

Hence our eHarmony Promotional Codes: Special discounts that enable customers to explore this site, interact with fellow members, and make finding a match more exact and expeditious.

These rewards also reflect our emphasis on the long continuity of each brand we promote -- confirming that there is a sense of history, both personal and professional, to the companies we choose to identify ourselves with and the services we carefully select on behalf of the customers we champion.

These advantages are the result of planning and patience, an understanding that brands acquire
these assets over time -- and the latter, time, is something no one can rush, control, bend or reverse.

Translation: It takes time to build a brand.

We have the resolve to defend the brand development process, to see it achieve fruition and witness it to flourish nationwide.

We salute eHarmony, and encourage our users to seize these discounts, promotions and coupons.

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Socially inept: Why social media is carelessness personified

So how exactly do you use social media?
That question might be a little broad, but specifically are you a random posting person with little or no substance behind what you're saying (sort of if you're trying to make a witty random thought like a celebrity) or do you only post when something strikes your interest, making your post poignant but few or far between.
Where you land on the social media spectrum in terms of content certainly depends on how you view your platform. Those random posts or ones with some teeth in it are one thing, but do you ever look at social media as something that can work against you, too.
That isn't to suggest you'll accidentally post a comment that a friend can easily see but more about affecting your career, you livelihood or even your relationships.
Think for a second when you're about to leave for vacation. Did you realize that your home is twice as likely to be broken into when you're on vacation? Furthermore, why would you want announce to the world that your house is going to be unattended for the better part of at minimum a few days to several weeks.

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Now the average Joe or Jane aren't the only ones to misstep as it relates to social media, either. Rapper 50 Cent is declaring bankruptcy yet he felt the need to post a photo of him on Instagram sitting next to a pile of cash. Not surprisingly, he's going to be asked to explain how bankruptcy and a huge chunk of change go hand in hand.
That is just a small sample of how silly and stupid the general public and even the famous can be as it relates to social media. If you've called off sick and yet still managed to post photos on Twitter about how much fun the amusement park or pool was that day, you're obviously not using the best of judgment.
I was once accused of skipping work for a baseball game on Memorial Day. I was off that day as it was and the game was at 8 p.m., but I was featured on the telecast at home. That is a perfect example that everyone from human resources to your co workers are watching, so why even give them the provocation to post what you'll be doing aside from work on any given day.
Relationships certainly have ended or at least been tested with photos of someone on social media with a person that isn't their girlfriend, boyfriend or partner, with plenty of questions for the guilty party to answer.
This isn't to suggest that lying about skipping work or skipping out on a person via cheating is right. It's not. It's deplorable. The idea behind social media is to enjoy news in an instant, stories that grab your attention.
The spotlight isn't about you, for your own sake and to be smart about everything you write online.

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Game over: How to know when your relationship is done

Call it "Dead on Arrival" or the exact second when you looked at your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or husband, wife or significant other and realized that the relationship you once coveted and maintained, enjoyed and reveled in was no over.
The term "over" can be used quite liberally in terms of relationships. You may view your significant other in a way that has changed with one specific action or a series of behavior changes over time, signaling that the honeymoon period for a new couple, for instance, was indeed over.
"Over" might also mean for a married couple the point where difference can't be fixed, arguing permeates through the household and just the sight of the person or the garage door opening at night sends the kind of chills through your body that make you wonder how you could jump through a window and get out as quickly as possible.
Now, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but the fact remains is that every person knows when that relationship "jumps the shark," the term used to discuss television shows when they've reached a point when they're no longer relevant and have officially become insignificant.
Now, I'm not suggest that every relationship is a sitcom that is hard to watch once they add that cute, little boy or girl as a means to save the series, but men and women are smart enough to know when they're trying too hard and fighting for something that just isn't going to change, when the spark is barely a flicker and fact remains that you and the other person in this relationship has checked out long ago.

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How exactly do you tell?
There's really no red light or buzzer, noise or call out when it occurs but rather a feeling when the relationship and its feel just changes. Drastic changes such as a mild mannered girlfriend turning into an argumentative wife may have to do with lifestyle changes, stressors or others that are variables that aren't inherent to the person.
The time element is particularly intriguing in that most relationships that end the parties involved will tell you that the little, romantic things ended as time progressed, and the person changed from being appreciative and grateful to someone that went in the complete opposite direction. Your partner might have gone from your biggest fan to someone who tries to top you, from a good listener to someone who rebuttals at a moment's notice and dismisses what you say.
How the relationship changes depends on the parties involved and one factor that can't be faked: communication. Couples that can talk to one another, be open and honest and recognize, step back and find that moment when things seem to be derailing are the ones that stick together through thick, thin and everything else in between.

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