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Flowers and Gifts
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My M&Ms: A sweet, personalized take on gift giving

Few brands carry with it the kind of legacy, awareness and admiration as M&M's.

Producing in upward of 400 million chocolate candies on a daily basis and being a staple in sweet tradition since 1941, M&M's are pop culture meets creativity all rolled into a delicious snack enjoyed by generations without fail.

The legacy and love that surrounds M&M's are practical, those savory bite-sized candies that have the kiddies running from the bedrooms and all parts of the house the moment they hear that bag opened and the sound of those hard-shelled pieces of heaven hit the bowl for mass consumption.

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M&M's, as iconic as the name is, also understands how much their logo, characters and name value are equally adored by the masses, and that gave birth to My M&Ms, an online store that allows you to customize just about anything from T-shirts to holiday tins with the M&M logo on it, and so much more beyond that.

Not only can you embroider a T-shirt or that same tin, but My M&Ms online allows you to shop by a particular event, right now being the Christmas and holiday season, whether that's a graduation that is upcoming this summer, a new baby on the way or a special anniversary between two who are in love.
In addition to that, My M&Ms takes an even more unique approach to branding, taking their name and allowing you to customize your business logo or even faces and images on to their candy as part of an unforgettable message to clients, prospective partners or co-workers and bosses alike.

The My M&Ms brand reached its footprint even further and now has partnered NFL teams and other brands of the same ilk as M'M's to provide that much more in the way of variety on products, such as your favorite team logo on a gum ball machine for the office or "man" cave or the candy itself with wedding, baby or birthday messages right on it for making that day or even that much more special.
Imagine a newly married couple serving delicious, recognized M'M's at their reception with rings, wedding bells or hearts blazed on the candy.

Not only is just about any product being partnered with the M&M logo fair game, but the pricing is competitive and affordable, with even more opportunity to save when you pair it with an online coupon code for even more site wide savings of up to 20 percent or more, free shipping or other perks for the consumer to bring the M&M brand to your next party, event, work function or just as part of a truly special gift that everyone is destined to know and love when they receive it.

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ProFlowers: The best gift giving partner you could want

That special gesture, the surprise or the gift you never truly expected but appreciate so much is one you can't put into words.

One of the more familiar and personal expressions of thank, love or you are truly someone special has always been getting flowers or a delivery straight to your door.

No one has captured the essence of quality, customer service and personal attention more so than ProFlowers, who promises anyone who partakes in their service that they'll get the freshest flowers directly from the field to your door.

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And that promises certain means a lot to the person who is trying to find the perfect bouquet of flowers, choosing them from ProFlowers and knowing the reaction of the recipient is exactly what you'd expect.

The array of options is amazing, and no arrangement looks the same, and that kind of variety is so important. You can select online from not only the type of arrangement you want but also by flower type.

Almost as important is ProFlowers and its delivery promise, a simple reminder and promise your order will arrive on time and intact. And being able to order from the comfort of your own home makes it that much sweeter.

But as much as the name says it all, "ProFlowers", the company prides itself on its eclectic selection of more than just flowers with guaranteed freshness and quality at your doorstep.
Not only do you get the freshest, most beautiful and eye popping flowers on the market from any door to door vendor, but also the ability to shop extensively for really any occasion.

From birthday wishes to thinking of you and sympathy cards and arrangements to plants and special events, ProFlowers is a one stop, online shopping entity that can take the worry and planning out of the equation and let you shop and choose the most appropriate and perfect gift.

Part of the ProFlowers selection includes an online gourmet section. So ProFlowers does gift giving so well that they've added the ability to add on edibles as well, including chocolates, cookies, cakes and the Shari's Berries line of products as well.

ProFlowers is affordable, and for even more savings, check out ProFlowers promotion codes online. You can get discounts on total orders and free shipping as well.

Giving a gift is such a personal, special and emotional moment, and ProFlowers, more so than others, understands just how paramount perfection is. The second the door opens and the smile from the person getting the gift resonates throughout the entire process, you realize just how important it is to have a trusted partner like ProFlowers.

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Shutterfly: Memorabilia meets user uniqueness and creativity through design

Shutterfly has emerged as a household name by doing something unique as a retailer: empowering the customer to think outside the box and be as creative as they want to be, underscored by a sense of sentimentality.

What is Shutterfly? This brand deals in personalizing photos in ways you never thought possible, and putting the design into your hands, through customization of anything from photo albums to coffee mugs and just about anything you can think of at your fingertips.

Shutterfly certain is known for photo books perhaps more than anything else, and that makes perfect sense considering just how amazing the end result is, when a customer takes photos from any special event, from weddings to engagements to graduations and landmark birthdays and transforms them into a timeless, thoughtful gift through Shutterfly's easy to use program to design exactly the keepsake you want.

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These aren't your run of the mill photo books and albums, either. They hardly come across as a cut and paste endeavor but instead seem as though you could have plucked them from a bookstore shelf with just how vibrant, colorful and well crafted they are when they're delivered to your door for a gift that is going to melt the heart of the recipient.

You simply add photos, and begin the journey of creating exactly the type of book you want, and Shutterfly puts you at ease with not only an easy to use setup but also knowing that you'll receive your product as created in a timely fashion.

Beyond just the photo albums, Shutterfly incorporates household decor and other practical gifts in a way that allows you to personalize them with photos and messages to your friends, family or co workers with a few clicks of your mouse.

Shutterfly even offers customers a few design tips with an aptly titled "Design Studio" section of their web site that gives you all the insight you'll need when you want to make your living space feel more personal with wall art, stationary or some of the many products you can make your own.
What really stands out in equal parts to the products and service is the reasonable pricing and shipping costs Shutterfly gives to customers. For even more savings at Shutterfly.com, discounts on items and free shipping and services check out Shutterfly promo codes online.

One quick glance at Shutterfly shows that anyone truly can create from the heart, with a little help from a brand that boasts not only everything you'd want out of a retailer but also an innate and uncanny knack for knowing exactly how to put the perfect finishing touch to any gift.

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1 800 Flowers: Give the gift of thoughtfulness to her front door

Who doesn't like getting flowers on a whim, without notice and as a total surprise?

Even better, who doesn't love when they show up at your door, unexpectedly or perhaps in your office in the midst of a hard day at work?

Chances are you've either sent flowers or a gift or been the recipient of one at some point in your life, but if you're really looking for that wow factor and a remarkable experience in both selecting an arrangement, finding that perfect keepsake and letting someone know in some form or fashion that you care for them or are thinking about them, 1800 Flowers is the front-runner in all of those aforementioned categories.

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Not only do they have a tremendous selection of flowers, arrangements, bouquets and plants that you can send to a friend, family member or co worker, for example, but they also allow you the convenience of shopping by a specific occasion online, taking the uncertainly of knowing what to send given the circumstances.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of using 1800 Flowers knows just how interactive and simple the process is when you're placing an order, and the real peace of mind is knowing that it will be delivered as promised, on time and in perfect, pristine condition ten times out of 10.

The name says it all, but 1800 Flowers also has plenty of other options and diverse gifts to choose from, whether you want to send your favorite coffee drinker a basket of assorted coffees or teas or a friend that is working exceptionally hard this month at the office and perhaps deserves a spa gift basket for all their trouble.

1800 Flowers also allows you to customize and personalize gifts as well for that extra added sentimentality as part of the gift giving process. You can't underestimate just how endearing and appreciated it is to receive something that notes a special event or has just the right words strung together to tug at your heart strings.

For even more savings, use 1800 Flowers online coupon codes that allow you to save on the entirety of your order.

1800 Flowers is a brand that is recognizable and trusted in that it has the innate ability to stay organized with thousands of orders, deliver quality products and ensure that your thoughtfulness is going to get to exactly its intended destination so that special someone has that surprise moment everyone deserves.

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ProFlowers: Quality, reliability are tops in door-to-door flower business

Few gifts resonate with the recipient like flowers, gift baskets or anything else that pops up unexpected at your front door, the office or just about anywhere these beautiful bouquets or treats can be.

The question begs isn't so much if you should take advantage of this sort of gift giving but rather who you can trust to epitomize quality and reliability, as the two go hand in hand when you're a consumer who puts their trust and faith into a company to not only deliver the gift but make sure it generates the response you'd expect based on the photo you just glanced at online.

ProFlowers puts its hat in the proverbial delivery ring and scores a decided victory against others who lay claim to being all of the aforementioned things that a gift delivery service should be.

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ProFlowers doesn't pretend to be anything. They are the front-runner and standard bearer in world of at home delivery, with a keen intent of making sure the customer who purchased the gift is just as happy and content as the person receiving it.

From a bountiful display that beckons the attention of your eyes or one savory morsel after another, ProFlowers dedicates its craft to variety in what it can offer customers as far as gift giving is concerned.

Not only does ProFlowers deliver from a namesake is concerned, with a gorgeous array of baskets, bouquets, the online shop also dabbles in such keepsakes as gadgets for dad that can be anything from a pocket knife to a comfortable bath robe to baby gifts that welcome that new addition to the family with a bundle of joy in the form of personalized baby gifts delivered right to your door.
For the convenience of ordering and sending anything from flowers to gifts, plants to berries and everything in between, you can find online ProFlowers Promotion Codes that not only put you on track to have the comfort and security of knowing your purchase is going to be perfect but also save on what you buy, over and above the already enticing prices put forth by ProFlowers.

From a point of sale price that simply is hard to pass up to a collection of products that only is going to serve the customer well when it comes to gift buying and deciding on that special gift for that special someone or occasion, ProFlowers is as professional and dependable as the name would suggest.

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