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TOMS: Shoe brand scores with diverse footwear and company driven positivity

When TOMS was created more than a decade ago, founder Blake Mycoskie had a lofty goal in mind: for every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS would donate a pair to a child in need. The innovative business model was dubbed "One for One".

Over the past 12 years, TOMS has provided more than 60 million pairs of shoes to needy children, and has expanded to provide several other vital services to the less fortunate across the globe.

The initial shoe design for TOMS was the alpargatas, a canvas slip-on shoe that Mycoskie wore while traveling in Argentina. It was during that trip that Mycoskie witnessed countless children who were running through the streets without the benefit of footwear.

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While the alpargatas are still a staple of TOMS shoes, the collection now includes men's slip ons, sneakers, boat shoes, and dress shoes. Additionally, women's styles consist of boots, espadrilles, flats, heels, platforms, sandals, wedges, wedding and vegan. The kids' selection includes youth, tiny and baby shoes.

These shoes aim to blend style and comfort, and offer a wide range of colors, as well as fabrics like leather, canvas, twill and waterproof.

In 2011, TOMS launched its line of eyewear, maintaining the same objective of helping those in need. Since that time, 400,000 people have received prescription glasses, medical treatment or sight-saving surgery as a result of corresponding purchases.

The men's and women's sunglasses offer a wide variety of prices and are inspired by vintage styles, including heart, oval, round and square face shapes for men, while women's choices consist of polarized, oversized, cat-eye, round, square, and pilot.

Three years later, TOMS added coffee to its operations. TOMS Roasting Co. sources its beans from regions all across the world. For each purchase of the coffee, TOMS donates 140 liters of safe water, which equates to one week's supply, to a person in need. Since 2014, more than 450,000 weeks of safe water have been provided.

The coffee is available for purchase at select Whole Foods locations, as well as at four TOMS store locations throughout the United States.

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Lastly, the company added TOMS Bag Collections, with purchases resulting in safe birth services. Those services include training for skilled birth attendants, as well as the distribution of birth kits.

To this day, TOMS continues to address needs and advance health, education and economic opportunities around the world.

Yes, they're product driven, and the brand speaks volumes with its eclectic selection and forward design, but the forward thinking and how they view the world can't be overlooked as it is driven in company positivity.

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Under Armour: Where fitness, performance and style are winning formula

Some brands are built on name value alone. Some have a solid foundation but fail to capture the attention of the masses. Some have all the brand awareness in the world, but trust and product assurance are often lost as growth is attained.

And then, you have Under Armour, which excels on all levels and leaves nothing left on the field of play that is open for debate as far as all the attributes and characteristics you'd want out of a company.

Under Armour is arguably the most recognized name in athletics as far as apparel, performance gear, shoes, hats and equipment is concerned. The brand is both underscored with notoriety but also delivers products that are fit for the active, stay at home mom to the dad hitting the gym or golf course as much as as a professional athlete who needs all 60 minutes of gloves, spikes or a jersey to be successful.

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The widespread appeal of Under Armour can't be overlooked, although the company hasn't experienced any sort of drop off in customer satisfaction and service in its inception in 1996. The company has grown into a billion dollar entity but that reliance on revenue dollars hasn't created a disconnect for customers who still gravitate toward the Under Armour brand and what it means for them.

Sure, Under Armour has slick marketing campaigns infused with intensity and desire, but at the end for the day if the T shirts, performance wear, shoes and accessories don't deliver as advertised, then the company wouldn't flourish.

But the products do, and the consumer couldn't be happier.

Under Armour is lauded and loved by men, women, kids and athletes alike for one simple reason: the products look, feel and wear like championship material. From the simple sweat shirt and hoodie to the Cold Gear and Heat Gear that keeps you chill and cozy, respectively, Under Armour not only has its finger on the collective pulse of the athlete but the general public that simply wants better athletic and every day clothing for their closets.

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Yes, sports icons like Tom Brady and iconic superstars like Dwayne Johnson, promote Under Armour, but even the weekend warrior who hits the gym and wants to do it in style and comfort can attest to just how amazing everything the brand says and sells isn't just smoke and mirrors or celebrity involvement.

Under Armour is built around a philosophy that runs deeper than being glitz, glamour and just a name. The moment a garment or shoe is put on, you immediately immerse yourself and can feel exactly what Under Amour stands for: style that doesn't compromise quality.

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Columbia: Outerwear done flawlessly for entire family

Mention the name "Columbia" in reference to clothing to, well, just about anyone, and they'll immediately have a look of satisfaction on their respective faces.

Of course, they'll know the Columbia brand, and all it has done and continues to do as the face of outwear for the entire family, but just as important is the absolute quality and durability, fashion and flare that this retailers embodies from top to bottom, through their commitment to customer satisfaction and ultimately care for the consumer.

Also known as Columbia Sportswear Company, this company is all about its outwear. From top to bottom, you'd be hard pressed to find a retailer who is adept at not only creating outwear that is stylish but also so practical in how it is created and then sold to the masses.

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While any brand or retailer can say they believe in their products, Columbia is the heart and soul of the outdoors, with not only apparel for men, women and kids, but a true passion for outdoor living and making sure every top, bottom or shoe is showcases as more than just any, old product but also a means to enjoy everything the outdoor lifestyle offers.

From a practical standpoint, Columbia makes products that last, and anyone who owns or has purchased a Columbia product (and pretty much everyone has) undoubtedly still has that same shirt or pair of shoes, ski gear or anything else from the brand still in their closet and worn to this day, no matter how many years have passed.

The online store is a virtual cornucopia of all things outdoors, from the fleece products aimed at keeping you warm on a nice hike or jackets that are developed and tested to withstand rain, sweat and made specifically for the athlete or every day person in mind.

A nice feature on the web site allows you to stop for the perfect ensemble by searching for clothing and outwear based on the activity at hand. For even more savings, check out Columbia promo codes online for discounts and free shipping, among other ways to save.

Columbia isn't just a name brand, however. Sure, when you're the leader in outdoor apparel, resting on your laurels and what you've done previously would be an easy path of travel. But Columbia, much like the clothes and products it creates and customers it empowers, wants that path to be challenging and constantly changing, through rough terrain or choppy waters, only to emerge on the other side a better, smarter and victorious retailer that ultimately keeps customers content.

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Timberland: How one company redefined comfortable

Few, if any, are unfamiliar with the Timberland brand.

You can surely chalk that up to name recognition, but the Timberland lore goes far beyond the name alone.

Ask anyone from a construction worker to the average Joe or Jane about Timberland, and their eyes will light up and immediately engage in conversation about the very shoes they have on right now or just how their footwear has managed to change their lives from one day to the next with comfort and durability they so richly appreciate.

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Retailers who rely solely on the name grow stagnant, and fail to stay connected with their intended audience, and for most that is the general public. Timberland doesn't have that problem whatsoever, as they continue to amaze, delight and keep customer loyal with every purchase and long lasting piece of footwear they own.

But Timberland is so much more than just boots for men and women, although that certainly would be their calling card if you had to pick one element or aspect of what they do.

Of course, if you immediately think "boots," that certainly is perfectly fine with Timberland. Chances are, they love that they've been christened as the standard bearer in the boots business.

Timberland also has an array of clothing for men and women, anything from outerwear to T shirts, pants and accessories as well. Timberland also has a huge selection for kids and a section aptly titled Timberland Pro, for that every day, hard working individual that demands clothing and boots work just as hard as they do, with a focus on practicality and durability as the two drivers for this particular line of clothing.

Perhaps the most telling sign of just how much Timberland believes in the finest boots and products known to customers is its section that allows you to customize your order and also watch their process of how they make a boot from start to finish. It's engaging, appreciated and customers undoubtedly feel as though what they buy is going to be rooted in ingenuity, craftsmanship and quality.

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If you need boots, the kind that are going to last for longer than a cup of coffee or a calendar year, Timberland is the name you'd rely on most. That name also means something when it comes to clothing, work wear and anything else that you want as part of your attire.

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Calvin Klein: This brand is nothing short of beauty personified

From modest beginnings to being a fashion retailer of epic proportions, Calvin Klein has transformed into one of the more iconic brands around the world, and not just in the fashion industry.

The name Calvin Klein, when uttered by the general public or style expert, carries with it the kind of credibility and charm that you'd expect on the runway and beyond.

Naturally, talk immediately centers on their keen sense of fashion, of course, with clothing for men and women and accessories, shoes, handbags and jewelry that live up to the billing of their namesake.

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And who doesn't know just how iconic and famed the Calvin Klein line of fragrances and of course the underwear ads, with marketing that has captivated audiences for decades is one of many elements of the Calvin Klein brand that make it great.

Calvin Klein isn't just about the name value, however, as the products, service and the look and feel are underscored by a sense of purpose from the company rooted in quality.

You can look no further than how the Calvin Klein name has branched out into more than just fashion and accessories for men and women, although that always will be what they're most known for but the company also has made a forage into home collections, bedding, and niche marketing for those who like to wear sportier clothing and also a golf market that has been going for 10 years strong.

Perhaps other brands, when they start branching out, could technically experience a more watered down display or "cut corner" since they're spread thinner from what they know best.

That is not the case with the Calvin Klein name, as the company has calculated every move with the customer at the forefront of what they do, ensuring that anything and everything that has the Calvin Klein name on it is thoughtfully produced and sold for all the right reasons.

As for the fashion aspect of the business, the clothing and accessories that bear the "CK" logo on it are equal parts modern and marvelous and will be a serious upgrade to any wardrobe, man or woman.
The clothing specifically is so fashionable and sleek and is perfect for casual wear, denim looks that you want, professional for work and stylish for play.

Calvin Klein clothing and accessories can be found in store around the world or you can order from them directly online from the comfort of your own home. Ordering online also allows you to see sale items or the ability to preorder at will.

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Whether online or in store, you're never going to go wrong with Calvin Klein, a company that is known for its name but certainly doesn't rest on its laurels and continues to put out the very best in fashion and beyond.

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