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Petco: Where the Pets and you need to go

With more than a thousand locations and a lineage that goes back 50 plus years, Petco puts forth the kind of customer service, products and sales acumen and knowledge that you look for when you're trying to find anything and everything pet related.

Plenty of retailers, pet stores specifically, all boast all of those aforementioned attributes as they relate to how to treat customers. But, Petco relishes not only being the one-stop shopping spot for pet owners but also going above and beyond as it relates to man's best friend or any pet desperately in need of a home.

Petco stands firmly behind a slogan that isn't just words or phrases but instead a mantra that makes everyone warm and cozy when you think about the end result. "Think Adoption First," which encourages families and individual alike to adopt pets who are seeking homes. So many dogs and cats are desperately in need of good homes, and that fact isn't lost on Petco, a company rooted in wanting to do more for all animals than just sell products or services.

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As for those products and services, Petco not only offers grooming services and one on one care in that regard for dogs and cats, but competitive prices for those pet owners who desperately want to save money but yet not skimp on coddling, cuddling and take the best care possible of their pets.
The pricing at Petco is rooted in not only low prices to start but also a Pals Reward Card, a program that is similar to a gas perks or loyalty program for customers. Pals allows you to earn 5 percent back for every $100 you spend, not exactly hard to do when you think about pet costs, food and other items to consider.

For those customers who know exactly what products that they want or need without actually going into the store, one can save with free shipping on orders over 50 dollars, again not asking customers to spend an astronomical amount of money even though Petco prices are delightfully low.

You also can find online Petco Promotion Codes to save even more on your order from the store, allowing you to enjoy everything Petco offers from the comfort of your own home.

Petco isn't the only pet store around, but it's a premiere organization both inside the store and out. Not only do the work extensively to help with adoption of pets and the use of companion animals, but also make sure pet owners who shop there, either in store or online, are given the kind of service and support that the pets themselves get on a regular basis.

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PetSmart Promotional Codes and Caring for Your Feline or Canine Friend: The Discounts You Want

If you are a pet owner -- if you have a feline friend or canine companion -- then you understand the importance of finding the right retailer to cater to the needs of that dog, cat, bird or other domesticated creature. Few businesses appreciate this rule as strongly as, and even fewer companies recognize the significance of this fact as much as, PetSmart: The brand symbolizes the very best, in its products and services, which cater to the needs of pets and satisfy the expectations of their respective owners. Indeed, no other brand has such a deserved reputation for excellence
– no other brand has the same caliber of diversity -- as PetSmart. These strengths underscore the brand's credibility in the marketplace, complemented by its loyal clientele and powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

Keycode.com showcases PetSmart because the brand knows how dear a pet is to a person or family;
that that pet should have the right food, the right mat, bed or rug, as well as the right toys and accessories that make for ideal living -- and playing -- conditions; that every pet owner should have access to the discounts, promotional codes and coupons that deliver impressive savings to consumers.

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Consider PetSmart to be your go-to destination, online or elsewhere, where you can get the items
you need with speed, convenience, security and the helpful service that distinguishes this brand from the competition.

Hence our emphasis on PetSmart Promotional Codes: Coupons, discounts and promo codes that make it easy to buy the food, treats, collars and clothing -- yes, clothing -- your pet can enjoy. These rewards are our expression of thanks on behalf of a brand we admire and respect. We care about pets, which means we care about our consumers.

With these promotional codes, you can shop at PetSmart with a sense of fun and excitement.

These dividends accrue to users of Keycode.com, and customers with an interest in coupons, discounts and promo codes.

With these PetSmart Promotional Codes, shoppers can receive -- they should take this chance to savor -- the advantages we provide, the benefits we offer and the savings we routinely showcase.

This opportunity is yours for the taking.

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Scrap yard: Why some foods are toxic for your dog

You know pretty much what foods you're not supposed to eat, but did you ever stop to consider what table foods your dog should steer clear of?
Everyone's guilty of taking a few bites off their plate and allow man's best friend to indulge or reaching down and giving their dog a few pieces of food that they simply can't finish.
But that on the spot doggy bag that is table scraps or as some call it "people food" might actually being doing more harm than good for your lovable puppy.
A few foods are pretty much givens as it relates to people and dogs, and that they're off limits. Foods like caffeine, chocolate and alcohol (yes, alcohol) can cause a dog to have anything from vomiting to liver damage, given the fact that the dog liver is easier to destroy than that of a human.
The caffeine can have the affect of rapid breathing or heart palpitations and fits of muscle tremors that are easily visible.

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The one grave mistake that humans make it relationship to feeding their dogs table food is assuming that healthy food for them translates into healthy food for their dogs, too. For instance, grapes and raisins would be considered healthy for men, women and children, but for dogs that could literally be the kiss of death. Experts agree that dogs can go into kidney failure as a result of ingesting grapes and raisins.
And as much as you enjoy milk and dairy, from an ice cream cone to a tall glass of milk to go with that cookie, your dogs isn't going to share in that sweet tooth as much as you do. Dogs aren't made or equipped to digest dairy (truthfully, most humans aren't, either), and they could get very sick, very quickly and that includes bowel issues and feeling nausea. Unlike humans, dogs can't speak up when they don't feel well, either.
Finally, table scraps are almost always associated with meat, bones and other foods of that ilk. Bones are a bad idea, despite how common it seems to be to give a dog a bone. The bones are choking hazards for dogs and the jagged parts aren't stomach friendly.
It's best in most situations when it relates to table scraps to bag the doggie bag itself and stick to the dog food that is tailor made specifically for your dog. Everything else, particularly the aforementioned, is only going to make man's best friend into a puppy whose going to be in a foul mood.

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Bath time: How often should you bathe your dog?

If you're dog is like mine, he loves to be outside. But how often should I be giving this lovely, yet smelly dog, a bath?
We live in the northeast and often times we tend to take advantage of those rare nice days in the winter or use fall to its fullest when it comes to letting the dog outside to play. Even when the winter days don't cooperate with a plethora of snow and ice, freezing temperatures and just miserable weather altogether (including getting dark by five at night), we still make it a point to walk every night above and beyond anything else we can do in the outdoors, no matter the weather quite frankly.
The other aspect of our dog, a black pit bull, that we take into consideration is just the duration between baths even if we don't do anything out of the ordinary than walking every night.
Should you bathe them more if they are spending more time outdoors or is there a good rule of thumb no matter what they're doing? I always worry about giving the dog a bath too often, simply because if you do so, you'l strip the dog's coat of its natural and essential oils. The flip side of course is bacteria and potential parasites that can rear their ugly heads.
So what is a dog owner to do for man's best friend? 
The truth is there's a rule of thumb that is good for most dogs, and that is a bath once per month. Some breeds tend to be a little more needy, while others are a little less. Such as the case with thick coats (they need less baths), while some dogs with more oily coats of fur need to be bathed at least once every two weeks since the washing does strip oils, but they have plenty to spare and you don't want that to build up over time.

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Another important aspect of dog washing relates to not so much just how often but where. Small dogs should be bathed in wash tubs in a laundry room for instance, and you want to avoid the sink if you can (again the bacteria element). I tend to shy away from putting the dog in the tub or my shower, and instead invest in a relatively reasonably priced doggy tub. This allows you to let that be there place to be washed, preferably outside or in a garage with a drain. If it's too cold, then the shower tub works, too.
Keeping your pup clean is paramount, but do so with breed and size in mind (along with location) so that bath time is doing everything it needs to do for your dog's health and well being.

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Food for thought: Why buying dog food isn't all that simple

How often have you seen a commercial that tells you exactly what type of dog food to buy or what is the best for man's best friend?
The truth is when it comes to dog food, mixed messages abound, and unless you make the food yourself, it's hard to trust exactly what you're being told by a variety of so called experts who, quite frankly, might not be able to be trusted given that they're only interested in making money on their product.
While that mentality shouldn't be frowned upon per say, you, the consumer, have to be well versed in what's best for your dog, and be the decision maker. Relying on what you hear, see or are being told just isn't going to cut it.
Dogs being fed just any, old dog food or even food from the table used to be the norm. That really isn't safe for your dog, since most foods are tailor made for you pup, and last night's spaghetti really wasn't.
So how do you choose a dog food that works?

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Obviously, ingredients are the building blocks of what you should be looking for when buying a particular food. The food should have whole meats, vegetables and fruits and grains that are natural and, to some degree, organic in how they're made but also how they're listed on the bag.
Much like how you should look at your own nutritional labels, you have to stay clear of anything that you can't pronounce or something that just isn't an ingredient that you'd consider natural (such as ingredients that just say chicken or beef; the goal is to keep it simple).
Keeping in mind your dogs age and body type and size also plays in to your decision making and so does where you get the food as well. You have to remember that most grocery stores sell the more commercial brands of dog foods and ones that you might not consider the best you can give your dog.
Often ordering online is the difference maker with a more diverse selection and dog foods that, while pricey, fit the bill of exactly what you're looking for from a taste, selection and ingredient wise.
Going cheap with dog food only is going to hurt you pup for the foreseeable future. In this case, price isn't just a means of labeling a dog food as better than others but no real difference is present. The higher priced foods tend to be the ones you'll gravitate toward and rightfully so.

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