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Verizon Wireless: Connecting customers through wireless supremacy and unparalleled service

Verizon Wireless caught our attention with the "Can You Hear Me Now?" marketing campaign.
And, boy, were we listening.

Verizon is the premiere wireless carrier in the world, and that hasn't fallen on deaf ears despite plenty of attempts to sway that conversation and ranking by others in a marketplace that is all about customers jumping ship from one company to another.

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The wireless forum has changed drastically in the last decade, and the competition is at a fever pitch between the major carriers.

Despite the best attempts from competition that is hotly contested and combative at times, Verizon Wireless has staved off those would be wireless carriers trying to dethrone it from its perch as the most regarded and renowned provider in the world.

Consistently boasting call reliability, customer satisfaction and price at the top of all awards handed down to providers, Verizon is the clear cut leader in the wireless game.

Sure Verizon outdoes its competition, but also is very eclectic in both products, services and plans if offers a wide array of customers. Whether you're interested in a family plan, pay as you go or unlimited data, Verizon has adapted in the last decade (as the competition got stiffer) and changed how it presents its line of services to the general public.

From iPhones to all things Samsung Galaxy, LG and everything in between, Verizon not only has all the smart phones you'll want or need, but the price point is something truly remarkable when you consider that its competitive and on the most trusted and highest rated network in the world.

Customers appreciate the idea that dropping calls is few and far between but also other perks such as setting data limits on your plan (for you or the family), and the Verizon Up incentive, where you can earn points for discounts on concerts, movies and anything else you'd love to enjoy entertainment wise, thanks to Verizon.

In addition to cell phones and reliable coverage, Verizon Wireless also offers jet packs for portability as far as WiFi is concerned, along with home phones that are wireless as well. Also,
For even more discounts with Verizon Wireless, check out online promotional codes that offer anything from free shipping to a percent off your entire order.

Verizon could easily tout its nearly 150 million subscribers, and use that numerical value as a mans to declare wireless victory over others doing the same thing.

But rather than rest on its laurels and statistics, Verizon stays sharp, and only is interested upping its notoriety and lure to the tune of more customer-centric promotions and deals that don't compromise service or the clarity and dependability of calls but instead understanding that in a marketplace where being number one only matters if your customers believe it.

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Verizon FIOS: Bundled services and customer appeal puts cable on notice

Verizon FIOS doesn't pretend to be cable. They strive to be better than their cable counterparts, and exceed at that very task.

For those who have Verizon FIOS, you'll have to listen really closely for any quips about what is wrong with the service. And by "listen closely," you're talking about no ill feelings toward Verizon FIOS whatsoever due to its reliability, customer satisfaction and the ability to bundle services (cable, internet and phone) and ultimately a price point that is nothing short of spectacular.

How exactly does Verizon FIOS do it in the face of stiff competition?

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For starters, they're very quick to point out just how customer friendly the company is, starting with the latest round of FIOS commercials that show how a customer service rep can remote in through your phone and see exactly what the issue is, a breath of fresh air quite frankly when you consider the cable and satellite alternatives and just how much their customer service is highly questionable, if not out and out bad. The headlines and proverbial war stories about the length of time a customer has to wait or just how poorly received the quality is of the product only serve as a reminder that Verizon FIOS has more than just a few ducks in a row as far as reliability and quality goes.

What sets Verizon FIOS apart from its competitors even more so than customer support and service is the 100 percent fiber optic network that provides crystal clear television pictures and internet service that is fast with downloading speeds that put the rest of the cable and television world on notice.

Verizon FIOS continually is recognized for its service and quality by the industry as reported by what customers are saying about their experience. Consumers go as far as to demand or wish that Verizon FIOS would be available to them in their areas, those same locations that are left to sift through what's left.

The pricing is hard not to notice, either as their bundled packages are so incredibly affordable that you honestly have a hard time believing that the price can coincide with such an amazing line of products. Think of it as almost the "too good to be true."

As reasonable as the pricing is, you can find even more deals online with Verizon FIOS coupon codes for that much more off your product line.

Verizon FIOS is careful to remind customer and rightfully so that Verizon FIOS isn't cable. They do that so customers realize that all parties and entities in the cable, television and internet spectrum aren't equal. That's good to know for those shopping around so they can quickly realize that they should stop shopping and start with Verizon FIOS.

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The Verizon Wireless Keycode to Customer Success

Shopping for a smartphone or tablet requires a mobile carrier of excellent range and service: It demands a wireless provider of national depth, customer satisfaction and an established reputation for excellence.

Those rules apply to any and all devices, from choosing an iPhone or iPad to selecting an Android handset or tablet.

You have a right to get the most relevant product information, and the most timely discounts and promotions, from a vendor of excellent skill and staffing.

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By those standards, Verizon is a winner -- which explains our longstanding emphasis on Verizon
Wireless Promotion Codes

Our relationship with Verizon reflects our values of professionalism, as well as our financial values; that we scrupulously review the companies we highlight, and we seriously consider the merits of the coupons and deals we choose to celebrate; because every consumer has a right to -- each customer should have an expectation concerning -- the service they receive, the integrity of the discounts we offer and the versatility of the merchandise a retailer carries.

That statement is an assertion of fact, representing Keycode's founding principles.

We will always defend those ideals, and we will forever uphold those criteria, because we want to empower our users with promotions of genuine worth.

Verizon complements our goals, thanks to a shared series of beliefs and a common core of fundamental tenets.

These mutual ambitions involve helping customers, clarifying information, and conveying -- and confirming -- a sense of responsiveness other companies ignore, lack or dismiss.

The Verizon experience is superior, which further influences our connection to this brand.

More than a business, and far more than another ordinary wireless carrier, Verizon has a demonstrable record of success: It has the unsolicited testimonials to prove this comment, and the leadership necessary to maintain this fact nationwide.

Our Verizon Keycode Coupons and Promotions symbolize our effort to bring you deals that merit your attention. Those opportunities, be it for Apple or Android devices, are a chance for customers to enjoy special discounts; they are an invitation to get the savings consumers crave, and shoppers

Those benefits are available right now, for people of all interests.

Maximizing these benefits should be a priority for users of iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

It is a privilege for Keycode to make these discounts available to our users.

We appreciate your loyalty.

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Cable bodied: Why is Comcast so despised?

For all intent and purposes, Comcast has it all.
Internet. Phone. Cable. All the bells and whistles and even combo packages that are well under $100.
But for what seems like the prom king that is Comcast looking out at all the other contenders, Comcast feels more like a pretender, call it the principle at the school and hardly the king of kings.
But why is Comcast so hated? What happened to turn the largest communications company in the world into one of the more despised and hated companies, not just in the cable industry, in the world?
Is Comcast in need of a public relations overhaul? Or is the truth so simple that Comcast, based on the service it provides or how they bill ahead, simply always going to be unfairly bashed by customers no matter how hard they try?

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Consider that Comcast is always promoting its appointment times and how they're on point or just how they're so much less expensive and just as proficient (or more) than the competitors such as Direct TV and Dish Network.
Truthfully, it's a little bit of everything that adds up to Comcast being so loathed by the consumer.
The billing is a mess, with Comcast billing you ahead with their crazy billing cycles with customers more confused when the log into their account or call to pay a bill and realize they owe hundreds since Comcast has already billed them for what they haven't used and the balance for what they did use (even though the time period just ended) is considered past due.
In addition, Comcast and its actions speak louder than the words. They market themselves as if they care, they're concerned with their customers and then when you call, it's like you're bothering them, such as a recent situation where I had to haggle with them tooth and nail since I was an authorized user on my fiancee's account, and they couldn't find that information in their system.
Some system, right?
The other piece of this is one that is out of Comcast's control, and falls on the shoulders of the people: we simply don't put a price tag or worth on cable. Everyone wants cable and to be able to watch television, have fast internet or to a lesser degree phone service. But the fact is you don't think cable is worth a few hundred dollars per month, and as much as you claim not to watch or use it all that much, we rarely cancel as we say were are, but instead choose to heap a whole lot of anger toward Comcast.
This isn't to suggest that the cable giant doesn't deserve their fair share of criticism. They're poorly run, for sure, but some blame should stick to the customers, too.

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Service failed: Why Comcast is one of the more hated companies in world

Every year, a list surfaces that details the host hated companies in the world, mostly predicated on customer disaffection and subsequent customer service that leaves a lot to be desired.
The list changes year to year, but one company makes it a point to be part of it, either by accident or they're just that inept.
That company is most likely the cable provider in your very own living room: Comcast.
The largest communications company in the world is seen by the masses as the most annoying and one that they'd rather not to business with, if they can help it.
Why exactly is Comcast so hated?

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A lot of it has to do with their poor customer service and having to go through the channels they've set forth to get to an actual person to speak to, or if you have the unenviable task of talking to someone about a bill.
So let's focus on that bill, specifically.
Comcast billing is inane and hurts just to think about it. It bills customers a month ahead essentially, so you truly never get too far ahead if at all. Comcast seems as though they're sending a bill every two weeks, rather than by the month. The additional fees and the individual charges for everything ends up taking a small bill or promotion (such as $89 for the first year when you join as a new customer) and elevates those charges to nearly $200.
Rent the modem, pay extra for this, add a phone line to save money even though it ends up costing you more since you're paying for what you don't need. The pricing is inconsistent at best, and the front loaded billing and pro rated amounts when you cancel or add services is so hard to follow you need to be a genius (despite what Turbo Tax is saying about doing taxes and not needing to be one).
Apparently, they didn't do business with Comcast.
And even if you decide you want to cancel Comcast, you'll have quite the uphill climb. In other words, good luck to you. They work incredibly hard to be pretentious and annoying and won't stop until you keep your service. They'll offer you a so called better rate (again, something that is good for a year, then expires) and really will badger you until you decide to stay.
Most of us decide to do so just because of their sales oriented persistence.
As for those better rates and promotions, Comcast really cuts the customer off at the knees with these specials. It really has nothing to do with prices or how much you're paying every month but more about when that promotion runs its course. You'd think a customer centric and caring company would at least remind you when the promotion is up but Comcast would rather bill you again for the "regular" price and not bother until tell you until that bill comes and you're on the hook for it.
Sure, you can say that the customer should remember when that promotion runs out, but a good company would keep the customer in the loop and happy. Fortunately that has to come from a great company, and Comcast hardly is that.
Or even close, for that matter.

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