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Motel 6: Leaving the light on for quality hotel stays for five decades

For more than 50 years, Motel 6 has been synonymous with an affordable stay. The hotel chain provides incredible value still today, and should be the first choice for anyone in need of a place to spend the night, doing so with comfort-ability and cost in mind, without losing out on quality.

The iconic Motel 6 brand, born in Santa Barbara, California in 1962, when the price of a night's stay was actually just $6, still values staying in a hotel, without the cost that is a deterrent.

Although the rate has increased just a bit since then, Motel 6 still has one of the very lowest per-night costs of any hotel chain, and has also expanded to more than 1,400 locations across North America. Major cities typically include several or even dozens of Motel 6 locations, but even moderately-populated areas in the contiguous United States are frequently within driving distance of a Motel 6.

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In the formative years, Motel 6 offered its affordable rate by using a no-frills design. Since that time, however, the chain has added numerous amenities that puts it on par with more much costly lodging. Expanded cable television and free local phone calls are among the additions over the years at Motel 6, and many of the locations also offer a pool and guest laundry facilities.

For even more discounts, check out Motel 6 promotional codes that allow you to save over and above the already affordable pricing.

Starting about a decade ago, Motel 6 commenced renovations to update the look of its older locations. Today, nearly all rooms feature modern furnishings, including platform beds with pillow-top mattresses, flat screen televisions, glass shower doors and granite countertops.

A few other features that have become associated with Motel 6 over the decades are still in place. Motel 6 remains pet friendly, and unlike most other hospitality chains, it does not charge a fee. There are some exceptions, but generally, up to two service animals and well-behaved pets are permitted at no cost.

Moreover, children 17 years of age or younger stay free, as long as they are in the same room as an adult family member.

For more than a generation, Motel 6 has also been associated with its incredibly-successful slogan "We'll leave the light on for you." Voiced by Tom Bodett, the Motel 6 commercials helped turn the company into a household name. Those commercials and that slogan have been running regularly in some form for more than 30 years.

The success of Motel 6 has been attributed to much more than just a catchphrase, though. The lodging chain has maintained extremely-affordable rates, while the quality of the service continues to increase.

The slogan is a sense of home.

You belong at Motel 6, plain and simple.

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Marriott: Luxury meets affordability with first class accommodations

Choosing a hotel is always a make or break proposition.

With Marriott, you can't go wrong.

Rather than worry about the vacation or business trip you have planned hinging on hotels being so so or flat out bad, you can settle the debate with one easy decision.

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Marriott Hotels.

Why should you have to settle for that or one dimensional hotels that can't give you accommodations that are superb, prices to match and a stay that is customer-centric?

Turns out, you don't.

That's because when you choose a hotel, you want the brand and company to understand just how important the right place to rest your head is, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, and that anything less than luxury isn't going to be acceptable.

Marriott transcends the simple and instead is the superb. When all you want is a hotel to truly treat you like a guest and provide services that make you feel at home, Marriott is the clear cut choice.

Marriott isn't just a domestic, first rate operation but covers your travel plans across the world. The biggest difference between Marriott and the rest of the pack is its propensity to make sure customers are satisfied with their stay and any and all needs are met.

From catered events to conference rooms, wedding receptions or rehearsal dinners to meeting rooms with all the communication and functionality you need, Marriott is an all encompassing brand that operates 30 distinct hotel chains under the Marriott umbrella.

Booking through the Marriott web site is easy, and rates are affordable for any and all who are interested in an room or event.

For even more savings at Marriott, check out Marriott online promotional codes. For special events, Marriott has your next meeting coverage in class and style, or you can check out their variety of rooms to choose from, not matter what type of stay or duration you have planned.

In addition to service and luxury as part of your stay, Marriott has a distinct, renowned rewards program that offers members discounts, early booking percentages off stays and points toward free rooms.

Anyone who has had the unenviable experience of staying in a poor hotel knows just how much that can derail a vacation experience or trip in general. Marriott has a long lineage of not allowing that to happen by instilling customer-centric satisfaction coupled with top flight rooms and accommodations second to none.

Booking with Marriott is, and will always, be the easiest and most secure part of any stay you have planned.

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Hotwire: Making booking trips, last minute travel totally simple

Traveling isn't always the easiest endeavor.

From finding the best price, most advisable deal and bundling hotels, cars and flights into one affordable adventure, planning a trip can, quite often, turn into a nightmare that is anything but convenient.

Enter hotwire.com, the online site that pulls together vast resources, affordable pricing and a seemingly endless assortment of promotions and deals for the traveler, whether you're planning a work trip, family vacation or deciding to pick up and head out on a whim.

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The "whim" part is particularly intoxicating when it comes to hotwire, mostly due to its adept ability to find last minute deals for outstanding pricing. Often times, these deals are discovered and made available by hotwire and can easily be found on the site, and enjoyed at a moment's notice.
This well known, familiar brand serves the masses when it comes to travel, and from the pricing to the simplicity of booking, hotwire is head and shoulders above the rest.

The simplicity part is also well received by the consumer, as the web site allows you to search specific and also offers general information on the more popular cities and towns, such as Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas, just to name a few.

Daily deals are clearly marked, too, with discounts in the range of, for example, 40 percent off select hotels. And hotwire isn't about trying to promote and sell off a dingy, unkempt hotel room in some remote city.

They're a national booking agency, with first rate hotels, flights and car rentals that rival any competitor and welcomed by customers alike. You're talking about nearly 200,000 hotels, and not just in North America. Destinations also include trips abroad.

For even more discounts, check out hotwire promotion codes that allow you to save over and above what you're receiving in the way of a travel deal.

The key to the success of hotwire focuses on unsold rooms, seats on flights and other travel related goods and services that providers want to sell. The idea of a hotel room, for instance, sitting empty doesn't appeal to said hotel, so why not find a buyer, even at a discounted rate.

hotwire is the ultimate travel assistant and companion to help you find a great rate on anything travel oriented. From how the site is constructed, to the variety, savings and the overall experience, you no longer have to assume travel is taxing and, to a degree, almost not worth the hassle.

hotwire is a helping hand to get you into that rental car, on that plane and into that posh, snug hotel room without breaking a sweat.

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Las Vegas Power Pass: What happens in Vegas goes through Las Vegas Power Pass

Everyone is familiar about "What Happens in Vegas.…". Right?

That is one of the more famous lines you'll hear when it comes to a vacation and tourist hot spot, but what if what happens in Vegas could take on a different meaning, such as being able to enjoy all this Nevada city can offer but doing so in one simple, easy way?

Say hello to the Las Vegas Power Pass.

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The name truly says it all as the Las Vegas Power Pass as this unique way to visit and enjoy Las Vegas really is designed for anyone who is interested in seeing what you want most, and doing it with one pass.

The Las Vegas Power Pass gives you access to top attractions, shows and discounts throughout Las Vegas in an all inclusive type design. The pass makes it so you can bundle together what you want to view, such as the Grand Canyon for example, for one affordable price, rather than spending quite a nice piece of change for each item individually.

The pass includes a barcode you scan, which allows you to simply show the pass, head to the attraction of choice and also avoid waiting in timely, annoying lines.

It's a one pass, plethora of attractions without having to spend any additional money once you've chosen how you want your pass to look as far as what is included.

What makes the Las Vegas Power Pass so special is that you have the power of tourism in the palm of your hand, whether you're enjoying time with the family or are celebrating a bachelor party or just up and decided one day you want to see Las Vegas for the first time.

The savings really are hard to overlook and arguably are the biggest benefit of this pass. Imagine having to pay for each sight, sound and dazzling spectacle in Las Vegas one at a time. The pass alone saves you hundreds of dollars during your time in Las Vegas, not to mention tailoring what you want to see and enjoy most, ahead of other passes that give you one or two good attractions and then the rest is filler you paid for (sort of like the few cable television channels you want and watch, but having to pay for another 100 you don't care for or need).

The Las Vegas Power Pass can be purchased online, and not only do you have the convenience of doing that but also conveniently being able to browse all the sights at one site. The Las Vegas Power Pass is affordable, but for even more savings check out Las Vegas Power Pass promotional codes for additional discounts.

If you really want to know what happens in Vegas, ask Las Vegas Power Pass. They know the best spots, and aren't afraid to spill the beans to potential visitors about how to enjoy this town.

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CheapOair: Travel planning no longer has to be painstaking or pricey

Tis the season for travel, and you're undoubtedly combing the Web in search of the best deals possible for flights, rental cars, and hotels.

Trying to find a price that's reasonable and a brand that's trustworthy can be a lot harder than it sounds, especially since many sites promise a lot but just don't deliver.

Here's where CheapOair stands out from the crowd by keeping things simple: you get cheap flights to some major destinations, as well as hotel and car rental deals that are pretty hard to beat -- no strings attached.

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The brand's solid reputation among its customers as well as the travel industry is another reason for its success. CheapOair is able to get those hard-to-find deals that other sites don't offer thanks to the strong partnerships it has built with 450 airlines around the globe. Now that should put your mind at ease when booking that ticket!

Plus, you can't go wrong when you have a 24/7 call center that lets you talk to a travel agent if you wish to do so. In the age of digital overload, it's nice to have the option of choosing the human touch. CheapOair also frequently offers "phone only" deals, which is another great reason to dial them up if you're looking to snag a last-minute bargain.

Their award-winning app is another great example of their practical focus on searching out the best deals out there. The CheapOair app not only helps users book effortlessly on their Apple or Android devices, but also manages travel plans and helps make last-minute changes to itineraries, which is a super convenient option to have at your fingertips when you're constantly on the move.

But CheapOair isn't just about cheap flights. You can also get some great savings by bundling your flights with hotels and car rentals. This also takes the burden off rushed travel plans, so you don't have to sweat it about having a car at your disposal or just the right hotel to suit your budget when you're in a hurry to get where you're going.

Want to know more?

Travelers can sign up to receive daily travel deals to various destinations by creating a CheapOair profile at CheapOair.com. For more information, please visit CheapOair.com, CheapOair.com/mobile, or check out CheapOair's Miles Away blog for travel tips and trends.

Bon Voyage!

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