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Guess: No question that this retailer embodies style, adventure in clothing

When it comes to finding the premier retailer, the one that manages to find fashionable balance between stylish, sleek, sexy and practical, you don't have to play any sort of guessing game.

The answer is quite simple.

Guess, of course.

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Guess is an iconic name in fashion, one that is indelibly connected to a sense of purpose from the company standpoint and for those who wear Guess knowing that you're shrouded in tops, bottoms, accessories and footwear that are driven by craftsmanship, driven by an unparalleled sense of style from one season, one year to another, no matter how they fashion landscape changes.

The longevity and success Guess has experienced has only fueled their passion for greatness both behind the scenes with the clothing and products they put forth but also a keen sense of what their market wants.

No matter if you're shopping for a tank top, dress pants, jeans, handbags or kids or baby clothes for any and all ages, you're reassured with every purchase and product you'll be getting the very best fashion and clothing has to offer.

Guess doesn't just rely on that namesake, either. They're always quick to adapt to changes in the fashion world but make those popular looks more attainable for the general public, rather than price gouge or inflate as a result of need and want.

Because the Guess name is so brand specific and recognizable, they're quick to brand that name on their accessories and clothing with Guess Originals, a fabulous and eclectic line that features the familiar logo on these products, and also includes direct communication from the company to consumer to engage release dates and early sneak peaks on what is on the horizon.

Having celebrity names like Jennifer Lopez connected and modeling for your brand doesn't hurt, either. Guess does a nice job promoting, as well they should, certain outfits or items that J Lo is wearing "as seen on Jennifer Lopez" to make shopping that much easier online.

For even more savings, check out Guess promotional codes for savings on merchandise that includes discounts on clearance items, clothing and accessories for men and women, and the kids, along with shipping deals as well.

Guess isn't interested in giving you anything more than quality, comfort and style as part of its ingenious, fashionable and lovable line of clothing for the entire family.

While some clothing retailers are quick to be ambiguous about their mission statement or what they want for their customers, Guess isn't about posing "what if" but rather a simple, direct way of thinking.

Give consumers the very best, and you'll answer your own questions through the products you're providing to the masses.

No Guess work required.

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Merrell: Love of the outdoors meets its perfect match

Being outdoors means something different and somewhat unique to everyone.

Your admiration of the outdoors could be something as simple as gardening, going for a walk or soaking in the sun on your porch.

The outdoors could be your job, in a sense, if you're someone who works 40 plus hours per week building homes, a utility worker for the electric or water company or standing for hours on end flagging traffic or doing roadwork that seemingly is endless amount of time on your feet.

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For others, the outdoors is a challenge, a welcomed one, that is filled with hiking, running and enjoy the terrain that Mother Nature has laid out, and everything else that goes along with it.
No matter which end of the spectrum your love of the outdoors resides on, you ultimately share common bond with one major want and need as you embark on your foray into the outdoors.

A boot you believe in.

That belief rests solely not only on how your feet feel in an particular boot or pair of shoes but ultimately finding a company that believes so steadily and honestly in that sort of product that your level of comfort and confidence in them is unmatched.

Merrell is that brand, a company built on a desire to craft boots that are durable, quality personified and the definition of comfort in both feel and how you'll view their level of customer support and satisfaction.

Merrell has transformed into more than just book makers since their inception, now offering sandals, slip ons, fitness and casual shoes for men, women and children. Merrell has also taken its name and attached it to apparel, and you'd be hard pressed to find a company more dedicated and interested in making footwear, apparel and accessories that are tailor made for anything from keeping your feet dry and comfortable to offering outerwear, backpacks, jackets and dresses for their growing customer base.

Merrell delivers on pricing, too, when you consider just how durable and well made their line of products are. For even more savings, you can use Merrell promotional codes online for discounts on products and services on current pricing.

Merrell is the foremost authority in footwear, without question, and customers trust their feet and more to this name not because of what the company has done or achieved, but returning back to buy from Merrell because of the unparalleled commitment to carefully crafting an amazing product and cultivating an image that was build on their own love of the outdoors.

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Forever 21: This clothing retailer makes stylish trends applicable for everyone

The name, Forever 21, says it all.

If you ask, what does Forever 21 do well, that answer is limitless, but this brand really transcends conventional fashion by making just about anyone look and feel forever young, trendy and stylish with every piece of clothing they put on from this retailer.

For those who believe Forever 21 is just for a younger audience, think again as this retail store scores big with not only teens but also women, men, kids, plus size and also includes beauty products and other fashion accessories as part of its repertoire.

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And when you talk about Forever 21 and what it offers, the list is impressive, with everything from Graphic T's and jeans for guys to swimming attire for all, along with the outerwear for the entire family.

Another unique aspect of Forever 21 is not only its innate ability to offer the most fashionable and "in" clothing possible but also steering customers in the right direction with advice and know how on what to buy, and look no forever than its "Want List" as featured on the drop down when you buy online under a specific category (i.e. men, women, etc.) and the "New Arrival" section also gives you a glimpse into what is trending and most popular at this moment.

Pricing also plays into why Forever 21 is so popular to the tune of being the fifth largest specialty retailer in the United States. Pricing focuses on value but not in exchange for quality as the Forever 21 products not only strike a cord with all but you can develop and purchase an entire wardrobe from this one store with little concern that it's going to negatively affect your wallet.
The online forever21.com is easy to use and offers fast, convenient shipping services so that you can shop from the convenience of the couch and still have an entire inventory at your fingertips.
They're typically always offering discounts on select styles that go hand in hand with the already reasonable priced tops, bottoms, makeup and accessories. For even more savings on products at Forever 21, including discounts on clearance items and shipping costs, Forever 21 promotion codes.

Forever 21 doesn't just cater to one particular gender or demographic but instead is an all encompassing, crowd and customer pleasing favorite simply for one very good reason: fashion. They offer what's in style at the moment and consistently stay ahead of the ever changing curve that is style.

Forever 21, the name, is about as well known as it gets but what they do for customers from products to pricing should keep forever servicing the masses.

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Scrubs ' Beyond: Nothing uniform about this unique work attire store

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word "scrubs?"

Chances are you think nursing and the uniforms those diligent men and women wear on a daily basis to help care for you, your loved ones, friends and family.

But the word also has somewhat of a generic tone to it, if not downright dull, honestly. As hard as nurses and health care professionals alike work doesn't mean their wardrobe doesn't deserve a serious upgrade.

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That's where the aptly titled Scrubs ' Beyond comes to the forefront of the health care apparel and accessories sector, and has taken the mundane and made it unique and fun for those in this particular field.

There's nothing bland about the selection at Scrubs ' Beyond, whether there is a traditional brick and mortar store nearby or you want to enjoy the entire inventory and tremendous selection online. These ensembles are professional and acceptable at your workplace, but also give you a little more of a fashionable voice in how you wear your scrubs.

If you just take a quick look at the scrub tops for women, you'll see anything but average as most of the tops could probably pass for a shirt you'd wear with your favorite jeans. The men's section is equally impressive. And if you still want something plain or are interested in ordering your own medical equipment or a particular type of footwear (and healthcare professionals know just how much they're on their feet throughout the course of a day), then Scrubs ' Beyond has a plethora of options that go beyond just "scrubs."

Not only does Scrubs ' Beyond have anything and everything you can think of but also two more points that make them different than anyone else dabbling in this particular genre of clothing: they will match prices and give you an additional 10 percent off, and also offer particularly superb pricing for group sales, if a hospital wants to order for the entire staff or a group of health care professionals or just you alone want to order in bulk.

Why not let everyone enjoy the savings?

For even more savings, you can find Scrubs ' Beyond online coupon codes with discounts on the total purchase price, free shipping and even more savings on clearance items, among other deals.

Scrubs ' Beyond truly is a name that means what it says. This isn't just healthcare tops and bottoms and other accessories but instead goes beyond just "scrubs" at the most simplest sense of the word.
Instead, Scrubs ' Beyond washes its hands of traditional thinking about scrubs and makes them nothing short of sensational.

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Aeropostale: Fresh looks, cool clothes that appeal to all ages

From stretch jeans to hoodies, comfortable sweats to accessories, and truly everything you could ever imagine from a retailer that dabbles in clothing for everyone in the family, you can't help but be impressed by the versatility and charm of Aeropostale.

The clothing retailer has done wonders for its image since you can appreciate, buy and love their jeans, their sweatpants, their T shirts and their outerwear whether you're a 14 year old girl heading to high school or a 37 year old guy who isn't ready to start wearing one color sweat suits that their grandfather's rocked (you know the look, that gray sweat pants, grey sweatshirt look as if you're the Tin Man from "Oz").

That sort of universal appeal makes Aeropostale hard to ignore when it comes to the brand itself but also the bevy of clothing choices they offer, whether you're talking online shopping or on one of the in store models also do extremely well with customer satisfaction and selection.

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Aeropostale mostly markets to a younger crowd, but that doesn't preclude moms and dads, for example, or any age from really appreciating just how well made, durable and quality driven the clothing and accessories are, and that you can have fun with what you wear no matter what age you might be.

What makes Aeropostale different from other brands that are similar is not only a wide array of options that fit any wardrobe quite well but pricing that looks almost too good to be true. That stems from new and returning Aeropostale customers that appreciate a deal when they see one but aren't skeptical that the low cost is indicative of the type of shirt, pants or outfit they're about to purchase. That combination is rare (low cost, good quality), and Aeropostale ranks right at the top of those companies that do it flawlessly, which is why its popularity among teens is so high, and why an older market isn't shy about expressing their interest, either.

For customers interested in saving on already competitive and attractive prices, you can easily check out a slew of Aeropostale Promotional Codes that give you additional savings and percentages off or something as simple yet appreciated as free shipping for your order.

Aeropostale is a bona fide winner it what it does well: market clothing to a young adult audience of men and women but score major points with the masses in the same breath.

From pricing to not having any trouble finding and picking out what you need, Aeropostale is all encompassing and truly has its finger on the pulse of what the general public wants from a clothier that is only interested in keeping customers totally content with their clothing.

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