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Jillian Michaels discount codes

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Jillian Michaels proved that being a “big loser” makes you a bona fide winner. The hard-nosed, tough-talking trainer from the NBC hit show “The Bigges... Keep Reading
Jillian Michaels proved that being a “big loser” makes you a bona fide winner. The hard-nosed, tough-talking trainer from the NBC hit show “The Biggest Loser” has transformed her body into a strong, sleek muscular machine and, in the process, become a discernible fitness entrepreneur with a knack for sales. Calling Michaels a duel threat in the fitness industry is appropriate as this trainer and her web site showcase her fitness and nutrition acumen and further establish her legend in this industry. Michaels benefits, of course, from having a national platform courtesy of the “Biggest Loser,” which allows her to market various fitness DVDs, nutrition plans and especially her web site. Simply put, Michaels is a superstar with a super physique. Her set of online tools, including a smart phone application and customers who sign up for direct access to her fitness intelligence, rank as some of the most complete and well-designed in all of fitness. In short, Jillian Michaels isn’t just one woman. She’s an entity, the driving force behind millions of customers who believe in her to change their lives. The same way she changed hers. As a teenager, Michaels struggled with her weight and that aspect of her life allows fans and customers alike to empathize with her and fully trust that she knows exactly how they feel. That’s probably why JillianMichaels.com is littered with customers who have lost weight. There are so many of them that Michaels’ web site breaks down the photos by how much weight they lost. The traditional aspects of the web site – the online store, workout plans and community interaction – are hardly average but instead wreak of empowerment at the highest level. Anyone who has watched Jillian Michaels on television, read one of her books or participated in her workouts knows that if there is one word that describes her it is “empowering.” In the end, customers who take Michaels’ mentality to heart are the real weight-loss winners.

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