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Katom.com coupon codes

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That upcoming restaurant renovation or grand opening wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Katom.com, one of the premier providers of commercial equipment for an... Keep Reading
That upcoming restaurant renovation or grand opening wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Katom.com, one of the premier providers of commercial equipment for anything from a family dinner to award-winning, five-star bistro. Of course, Katom.com is mostly associated with restaurant equipment of the commercial grade – everything from ice makers to sinks to refrigerators line the pristine shelves of this reputable online retailer. Katom.com didn’t forget about all the little, ancillary items that truly drive a kitchen in a pinch: items such as kitchen utensils, pots and pans and even vegetable dryers are made available by Katom.com. Although Katom.com has no trouble being pigeon-holed as a straight-forward restaurant supplier, consumers probably will be shocked and surprised to find out that the online store is all-encompassing with its bevy of items. Katom.com offers customers the option to buy specifically for bars, including stools and tabletop accessories or machines. They’ve even dedicated a section totally devoted to restaurant furniture for both inside and outside – thanks to an extensive patio inventory that makes summertime dining remarkably more enjoyable. Even if your ultimate food goal is to open a hot-dog stand, Katom.com has got you covered. Perhaps even more smile-inducing than the product line is Katom.com and its penchant for keeping prices extremely low in comparison to its competitors due to the high volume they deal with on a day to day basis. Katom.com doesn’t pocket those direct-to-manufacturer discounts and instead opt to share the wealth with their customers. Even though prices are kept low, Katom.com keeps the high-profile, dependable brands in stock and ready to ship. You won’t find any “knock-offs” at Katom.com; instead customers clamor for the big-name restaurant equipment producers such as Vulcan, Lang and True. Katom.com also is quick to lend a helping hand, both in a charitable fashion and to its customers. Not only does Katom.com boasts a lengthy list of charitable organizations they work directly with to raise funds, but the company features a Buyers Guide as part of its web site. That spot sends the right message to customers: we’re not necessarily trying to sell you the most expensive item but rather the correct one. That type of customer service from Katom.com is a dish served with a major side of sincerity.

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