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Keycode: KOP
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Keycode Optimization Program

Since 1998, Keycode has consulted with online merchants on how to improve performance through the effective use of sales incentives in the form of online coupons. The resulting body of knowledge led Keycode to develop the patent pending Keycode Optimization Program ("KOP").

This innovative Service directly addresses the many frustrations Advertisers experience with online coupons. KOP empowers online merchants to instantly and strategically manage discounts and offers resulting in:

1. Increased Conversion Rates
2. Reduced Cart Abandonment
3. Increased Cart Size
4. Increased Margins
5. Reduced Customer Service Calls

What's more, KOP allows online marketers to dynamically manage inventory by running precision flash sales which are not efficient using traditional online coupon channels. Here is the best news of all. If your business is paying affiliate commissions to coupon website publishers, implementing KOP offers increased revenue with a lower advertising cost. To arrange for a Free Keycode review of your site and find out how KOP can improve your online success, contact Keycode: info@keycode.com


Keycode is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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