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LifeShield Security Promotion Codes

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“Safety” is a word cemented in the vocabulary of Life Shield Security and easily the most-important pillar of the company’s mantra. The word “fre... Keep Reading
“Safety” is a word cemented in the vocabulary of Life Shield Security and easily the most-important pillar of the company’s mantra. The word “free” is a close second. Life Shield Security showcases the tangible aspect of a fantastic home security system with unparalleled technology and hardware. Nothing is more frustrating than a fancy, home-security system that constantly “freezes” or doesn’t work properly. The company is one of the first to feature the ability to monitor your home from anywhere - even through a smart phone or tablet. Life Shield Security wants its customers to feel safe and secure, whether they’re at home sleeping or on vacation anywhere in the world. Life Shield Security recently developed an app to download, which means checking out the house while at work or the gym is equally as simple. Life Shield Security may be in the business of protection but not at the expense of customer service. They’re quick to point out that not only to they offer low-monthly monitoring fees but also include the hardware at no additional charge. The monthly service fee typically starts at around $1 per day. The fire protection, another service that usually includes an additional charge, is, not surprisingly, free. Technology also plays a big part in Life Shield Security’s penchant for protecting its customers. Other than the aforementioned access to your security system through your phone, Life Shield Security also sports a futuristic touch screen monitoring device that is incredibly simple to maneuver through in comparison to the old push-button system. Furthermore, Life Shield Security implements not one but two mechanisms for home protection, just in the event that one is somehow compromised during a break-in. Life Shield Security’s mission is to avoid all types of compromising situations. Not only are they dedicated to keeping your home safe from break-ins but Life Security System also gives customers peace of mind financially that their home security system isn’t going to break the bank.

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