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Live Nation promo codes

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The best way to describe Live Nation is the “king” of concerts and live events. The Live Nation Brand is comprised of four separate markets, including Ticketm... Keep Reading
The best way to describe Live Nation is the “king” of concerts and live events. The Live Nation Brand is comprised of four separate markets, including Ticketmaster.com. Simply put, if you need a ticket, chances are Live Nation - or one of its parent companies - is who you’ll need to see. This entertainment conglomerate deals in not only ticket sales but also promotion and management of various artists and truly ranks as an all-encompassing promotion vehicle. Most consumers know Live Nation as the online web site to order tickets to see their favorite acts. Gone are the days rushing to the outdated ticket office at a local mall or grocery store to wait in line on a Saturday at 10 a.m. in the hopes of getting tickets. Technology and Live Nation expedites the process with relative ease: create an account, find your favorite artist, click, pay and all is well in the music world. Fans of musical acts from Rihanna to Metallica, Live Nation has just about every genre covered from top to bottom. The Live Nation app, somehow, is even easier to use. Often creating an account can lead to the opportunity to buy a ticket a day or so earlier than they actually on sale. Buying a ticket from the app is incredibly efficient. Part of the Live Nation network is Ticketmaster.com, which also dabbles in ticket sales for musical acts but also covers other live events such as World Wrestling Entertainment, sporting events and even comedy acts. Although it seems like commonplace now, Live Nation – and Ticketmaster for that matter – makes getting tickets easier with the print at home options or having the actual ticket mailed to you. The former reeks of customer convenience, which is likely why those in-store ticket lines are non-existent. The promotional side of Live Nation and the revenue it generates is staggering and helps fuel the ticket sale side. Live Nation represents a variety of artists including Lady Gaga and Van Halen, and also has reached out to larger, diverse musical festivals. From top to bottom, Live Nation truly embodies its slogan: “One Nation, Under Music.” This one-stop ticket shop and promotion powerhouse doesn’t show any signs of waning.

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