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The “Livestrong” brand has come under fire recently in light of the doping drama surrounding Lance Armstrong. But Livestrong Fitness, despite Armstrongâ€... Keep Reading
The “Livestrong” brand has come under fire recently in light of the doping drama surrounding Lance Armstrong. But Livestrong Fitness, despite Armstrong’s coming to a screeching halt, hasn’t show signs of slowing as one of the premier fitness retailers in the world. Livestrong Fitness offers both commercial customers and residential runners the option of purchasing treadmills, elliptical and bikes that is renowned as quality pieces that last nearly a lifetime. Because Livestrong Fitness is associated with health clubs around the country, individual buyers may feel compelled to pass on the fitness equipment, fearing it may be well out of their price range. A quick glimpse at Livestrong Fitness treadmills shows the opposite: the price is right in line with the same options one might find at Sears or Dick’s Sporting Goods – both of which deal exclusively in home fitness products. Typical offers from Livestrong include free shipping and in-home setup, along with the option of financing the piece. The financing options are similar to that of other retailers such as Lowes or Levin’s with a zero percent interest charge for a number of months. Unlike traditional big-box fitness retailers, Livestrong has made a living on being more than just a fitness seller. The web site gives equipment buyers not only tangible product but also the ability to interact on the site with experts and various fitness tools, a huge upside to busy people and those who travel. That aspect of Livestrong Fitness isn’t surprising, considering the partnership with the Livestrong moniker, which has made a career out of giving people hope in the face of adversity. The Livestrong brand raised millions and saved nearly that many lives; whether a person likes or dislikes Lance Armstrong is a moot point. Livestrong Fitness deliveries not only amazing equipment but also embraces the same sentiment that made Livestrong a household name.

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