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Mike Catania, Co-Founder | Keycode
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Mike Catania, Co-Founder

Mike Catania's Biography

A champion on behalf of digital marketing and electronic commerce, Mike Catania has the wisdom of experience.

He is fluent in the language of the Web, crafting messages that transform the "prose" of the Internet – the programming and search engine optimization of the coder's vocabulary – into the "poetry" of content that resonates with consumers, at home and abroad.

A longtime advocate of affiliate marketing and business development, Mike is the proverbial go-to source for news and commentary about these issues.

A former keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit East, and a previous affiliate manager for the financial sector, Mike honors the business principle of personalization through customization: He gives merchants and consumers, the companies and customers that constitute the heart and soul of Keycode.com, the convenience they need and the value they deserve.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Mike also has Master’s Degree from Florida State University.

Between his academic training, including a professorship at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, and his business leadership, Mike traverses the arts and sciences – for the good of retailers and online shoppers alike.

He resides in Nevada. You can read more about his unique pivot from music to entrepreneurship on his website.


Keycode is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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