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Dish Network Does Wonders For Itself In Dvr Business

Cable companies continue the outright duel to the near death for customer supremacy and a big reason for all this inter-promotional warfare is digital video recording.
More commonly known as DVR, Comast, DirectTV and Dish Network revel in a "can-you-top-this" mentality that dives head first into cultivating a culture where recording TV seemingly outweighs actually taking the time to watch it.
That said, all of the aforementioned entities put their own spin on DVR recording, especially the marketing blitz from the lowest on the cable and satellite totem pole: Dish Network.
Yes, Dish is still trying to battle the big boys of Comcast and Direct TV but they've done a lot in recently to stave off total elimination. That includes plenty of free gifts and the pseudo Boston family -- dysfunctional to some degree -- commercials that show a house filled with TV lovers.
The commercial shows what they love most is Dish Network's "Hopper," which allows you to watch and record up to five shows at once. Direct TV implemented a similarly savvy technology boost with something similar to that entitled the "Whole Home DVR." Comcast employs a similar technology as the whole-home DVR with the ability to record shows and watch in any room.

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All three of the providers afford busy, on-the-go customers with the option of setting records from anywhere, including through a cell phone or tablet. Watching the shows works the same way -- no longer do you have to actually be home to access what you've recorded.
In the realm of DVR service, however, Dish Network outperforms Comcast and Direct TV, much to the surprise and chagrin of customers of the other two titans of television.
The Dish Network "Hopper" system goes one better than Direct TV and Comcast in that it allows you to watch in any room but also record as well. That technology likely is on the way at Comcast and Direct TV but just hasn't landed yet. Comcast typically takes the "wait-and-see" approach and allow satellite providers act as a test market; the competition spends the money and Comcast waits to see if it works.
Not a bad ideology to latch on to but if the proverbial "testing" from the competitor works, then Comcast is already behind in an already competitive race.
The "Hopper" jumps out ahead of the pack in this regard. Now, clamoring for the main DVR box remote to record shows is no longer an issue. Dish Network suddenly looks like a contender, more so than a pretender.
Furthermore, Dish Network delivers more hard drive space on the actual DVR than its lauded competition. That, coupled with the record-from-any-room aspect, and sudden Dish Network has a recipe for staging a satellite and cable TV comeback of epic proportions.

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