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Planning With Pizzaz -- The Day Planner Is Alive And Well -- And Looks Great
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Planning With Pizzaz -- The Day Planner Is Alive And Well -- And Looks Great

Smart phones, tablets and other technologically savvy forms of communication is slowly rendering printed materials obsolete.
Traditional newspapers struggle to meet ad revenue numbers thanks to the modern-day app on your phone.
Magazines print thousands of copies but an e-Reader or tablet makes flipping through the pages as simple as a swipe.
On a bit lesser scale, all phones and tablets are equipped with planners and calendars so keeping track of meetings, appointments and all your extracurricular activities is totally painless. With that, the old-school day planners had to get creative. Other than appealing to a non-technologically savvy crowd, day planners needed an overhaul, a boost in design and originality and something to spark interest again in a practical, albeit, passe product.
The re-emergency of the day planner now includes a more modern look and feel, with bright, vibrant and colorful shells and the ability to customize a planner that you can truly call your own. LifePhoto.com does this extremely well as their day-planner template is incredibly easy to use and allows customers to treat themselves to a day planner that speaks to them with the inclusion of special messages or each month or photos littered throughout each page. LifePhoto.com isn't about limiting the number of photos you can use either; they're quick to point to customers that they're permitted to use hundreds of pictures.

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These spiral-bound planners also can be created by LifePhoto.com for those customers who may want something with a little flash or flare but aren't quite at the forefront as far as innovative ideas or design prowess. Customers have the option of choosing a particular theme such as kitties, shopping, floral or tropical. LifePhoto.com also incorporates a make-your-own product with not only day planners but also notebooks. The asking price for the day planners courtesy of LifePhoto.com is under $30 total, about half what you'd expect to spend with other comparable companies who dabble in the same office-related amazement.
The real draw, of course, is adding pictures in places where customary day planners fall short. A picture of your son in July -- the same month as his birthday -- makes flipping to that next page a bit more enticing than swiping through dull months on a smart phone. The idea that planners can be customized to your liking put the physical versions back on the retail map and provide true competition to technology-based options.
What is old is new again with personalized day planners that simply needed a much-needed makeover.

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