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Speaking volumes: HeARTs Speak takes artistry to aspiring levels of gratification
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Speaking volumes: HeARTs Speak takes artistry to aspiring levels of gratification

Think about the last time you adopted a pet and how that made you feel.
Pretty good, right? Perhaps even a sense of pride, a cathartic gesture that gave you peace of mind knowing that you may have just saved the life of an animal.
As gratifying as that process is, you can't help but contemplate even after you're welcoming your new addition to your family what happens to the rest of the pets that weren't so lucky to go home with you that day.
Your mind may also begin churning, asking questions and wondering what, if anything, can be done to potentially spruce up the adoption process so that each pet can put their best paw forward as it relates to finding a home.
Certainly sitting in a much too small cage behind thick glass at a pet store isn't going to do man's best friend and the rest of the pets up for adoption much good.

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So why not turn just "good" as far as adoption is concerned and make it "great."
That's exactly what HeARTs Speak did. This international, non profit organization works with professional and aspiring artists to help animals get adopted through the power and expertise that is their artistic ability. They work closely with local shelters to minimize the number of pets who are put down each year and thus working diligently to save lives with every posted photograph.
A visit to the HeARTs Speak web site quickly shows just how dedicated and admirable the work being done truly is. The artists involved with HeARTs Speak embrace what they do wholeheartedly because they're not only passionate about their skills but know inherently that the organization that is powering this cause showcases equal amounts of determination to help animals get adopted, rather than face unenviable and sad alternative.
Those would be photographers and artists have the opportunity to join HeARTs Speak to raise awareness about adoption and, in turn, put their penchant for photography and art to work on a grandiose scale.
You can't help but feel a little happier particularly regarding HeARTs Speak, more specifically the heart warming stories on their "Success Stories" section of their web site. Thanks to the superb and eye catching artistry and photographs as part of the HeARTs Speak web site and initiative, you can appreciate hearing that what this organization does makes a difference as it relates to pets that didn't have a future and now are enjoying a loving, caring home as a result.
Almost as endearing on the HeARTs Speak web site is the "Before and After" section that details the type of artistic touch added to photographs that turn the rudimentary and pedestrian into something that reaches out and tantalizes your visuals to the point that you simply can't look away for a minute.
You're drawn in to the comfortable, soothing gaze of a would be pet and reminded why the love and loyalty of an animal is indescribable with words.
Thankfully, we have HeARTs Speak to have a picture worth more than just a thousand words for us.

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