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Table Scraps Need Scrapping: Not Everything From Plate To Dog Dish Is A Good Idea.
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Table Scraps Need Scrapping: Not Everything From Plate To Dog Dish Is A Good Idea.

One of the biggest sentiments uttered by dog owners is that they consider "man's best friend" as a person, thus setting the table for misconception about just what is safe and not safe for them to eat -- as far as table scraps are concerned.
Yes, that's right -- the proverbial "doggy bag" may not be appropriate for the dog after all. Sure, the staples such as ground meat, chicken, rice and other non-residue foods probably won't harm your dog and in fact are often recommended for them if they're having trouble eating due to a specific ailment.
That said, most experts agree that staying clear of fatty meats and bones left over from a delicious steak or piece of pork chop could prove to be double the trouble for dogs. Dogs, even with teeth as sharp as they are, can choke on bones or worse have their digestive track and stomach cut from those razor-sharp shrapnel-esque leftovers. Furthermore, the fat left by you was skipped for a reason. Fat isn't good for you, so why would we assume it is OK to feed it to a dog? The same goes for uncooked meats, which carry the same bacteria and side effects for them as it would us.
But perhaps pet owners get careless -- at no fault of their own -- and take liberties and just dump whatever is left on their plate directly into the dog dish. That practice, more often than not, might be fine but some foods simply don't agree with dogs and can be incredibly dangerous or even fatal to them.
One of the more prominent no-no's for dogs are dairy products, primarily milk and ice cream. The latter is especially easy to forget about, especially in the summer months when you're out walking your pup. Giving them a scrumptious taste of your tall ice cream cone could lead to digestive issues.

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Another desert that isn't exactly delectable for dogs is chocolate, which contains -- for their purposes -- toxic agents that cause stomach sickness and even potentially could lead to heart issues and seizures, even just the smallest taste.
The aforementioned declaration that fatty meats are off the table for dogs could leave some pet owners thinking on the opposite end of the spectrum. If fatty food is bad, then what's wrong with healthy foods such as fruit or vegetables?
If that grape rolls off the table and on to the floor, just simply call the dog over to eat it up and thus a mess is averted -- not exactly the best idea. Grapes actually adversely affect a dog's kidneys, and thus can lead to vomiting. And unlike a good piece of fruit can add plenty of energy to your day, it has the opposite effect on dogs: they're lethargic and tired as a result.
The next time you think of popping a few food particles in your "friend's" bowl, make sure you've researched them accordingly and avoid letting your dog bite into something that could affect their long-term bark.

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