Bang or bust: Mixed feelings abound about new all female `Ghostbusters` cast

01/29/15 by Rennie Detore

After more than a decade of speculation centering on a new, third "Ghostbusters" movie coming to fruition, fans of the iconic movie finally have their answer about the future of the franchise and if another film actually would ever happen.
It just might not be the response or news they were expecting.
The new "Ghostbusters" cast was announced, and there's no sign of Bill Murray or Dan Akroyd for the third installment but rather a new, fresh cast to take over where those aforementioned comedy legends left off, with a slight twist.

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The new "Ghostbusters" is an all female foursome, consisting of three "Saturday Night Live" cast members, two present and one past, along with an established TV star and budding movie one. Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are your new "Ghostbusters," and news of recast was naturally met with mixed reviews.
McKinnon and Jones aren't movie stars.
What happened to Murray and Akroyd returning to the roles that made them famous?
More importantly, is anyone going to buy the four would be leading ladies as competent heirs to the "Ghostbusters" throne?
That final question is the real deal breaker in whether this movie is going to sink or swim at the box office. Trying to follow up on the original actors from "Ghostbusters" is no easy task, particularly for McKinnon and Jones, who are currently SNL cast members with questionable big screen acting chops and presence.
Truthfully, Wiig and McCarthy, who acted alongside one another in the smash hit "Bridesmaids," can easily carry this movie in the form of name value and star power even if McKinnon and Jones are rookies at this whole movie thing. Anyone who is a fan of SNL knows just how talented McKinnon and Jones are, particularly Jones who burst on as a cast member and has quickly cemented herself as memorable with all she does. McKinnon arguably is the most well rounded and talented cast member and anchors the show alongside Taran Killam.
Despite backlash initially with this announcement, "Ghostbusters" actually is in more than capable hands. Director Paul Feig, who also did "Bridesmaids" with Wiig and McCarthy, is going to do the "Ghostbusters" franchise more than just some justice. You have to think he'll hit this one out of the park. The cast is flat out talented, especially at the top of the marquee with McCarthy and Wiig.
The fact that they're females shouldn't and doesn't matter. At the end of the day, they're hilarious, comedic actors who aren't going to take strapping on the proton packs seriously, while still making the movie funny.
Fans who have issues with this movie are naturally clinging to what they know, the 1984 version of the movie. Not one of these female cast members or the director is trying to duplicate the original "Ghostbusters," but rather offer a unique twist on the film. Even Akroyd, one of the originals, called the cast "magnificent." You'd like to think that blessing is enough to bestow confidence on the film's fan base.
If it's not, then so be it. If you're willing to give the repackaged "Ghostbusters" gals a chance to shine and do what they do best, you'll not only not be disappointed but leave the theater knowing that all parties involved in the newest movie more than just a little content.

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