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Kick It Up A Notch: Footwear Flaunts Fall Appeal That Is Hardly The Norm
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Kick It Up A Notch: Footwear Flaunts Fall Appeal That Is Hardly The Norm

Those who concoct the notion that footwear is universal are walking a path less traveled. In short, they're not quite looking hard enough or only modestly attempting to finish the perfect fall ensemble with shoes, boots or heels that have just as much stylish appeal as the clothing itself.
Fashion Week woos plenty of would-be consumers who simply can't wait for Fall to officially arrive and need to know in early September what exactly is pertinently perfect for the upcoming season.
While much of the main event of Fashion Week falls on wardrobe tips, various accessories and overall fashion "do's," don't forget about footwear as the ultimate accessory and truly the final touch on a fantastic look, whether you adhere to the exact suggestions of fashion week or don't mind stepping outside the box when it comes to shoes.
Take boots, for example.
Boots don't have to merely be boots anymore, thanks to a little help from Hugrz, a company that specializes in boot wraps. These toasty, tantalizing and tempting boot wraps can transform even the most mundane, plain-Jane boots -- no matter what the style -- into something eye-catching and marvelous. Hugrz features plenty of distinct, eclectic lines of boot wraps, whether you're hitting the slopes with their Aspen Collection -- a beautiful blend of furry, luxurious warmth and design -- or curling up with the first few days of Fall and the Bennington Collection, a luscious mélange of cotton and polyester melded together for a truly unique look and feel.

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Women certainly can appreciate not only the style but the practicality of the wraps since buying a few will take one pair of boots and turn them into several. Men probably will admire that attribute as well since that means they'll finally have that space under the bed or on the floor of their closet back -- at least to some degree.
Botticelli certainly resonates as a renowned shoe designer and they're no stranger to Fashion Week or turning up the fashionable flare and heat when it comes time to launch a new footwear line. This year is no different with the inception of the patent-leather brogue shoe for women, a remarkably versatile shoe that is perfectly fine for a sleek, dressed-up look or even a less-formal feel for an outfit. Given that the brogue shoe is quite diverse in how it can be worn, the price tag -- a few hundred dollars -- is hardly a sticking point.
And for those who aren't quite ready to say goodbye to summer -- or perhaps you're lucky enough to live in a climate that stays relatively warm and seasonal through the latter months of the year -- sturdy sandals are priceless. Gurus, a sandal that is inspired and crafted by a long-standing design from India, ditch the conventional look and feel of a sandal by using ultra-soft natural rubber and forgoes the front-strap in favor of a peg (looks a lot like a golf tee with a larger top). They're colorful, comfortable and culturally driven.
Who says shoes, sandals and boots have to be simple, sad and basic in design? When piecing together truly fundamental and memorable footwear, the rules of rudimentary are made to be broken and thinking -- and walking -- outside the box should be the norm.

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