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Fashionably Early: Fashion Week Brings Glitz, Glamour And A "gazillion" New Fall Products

Lights, camera, flashbulbs and fashion highlight what has come to be known as the iconic Fashion Week. This much-anticipated and highly respected time showcases what's new and hot for Fall as summer bids a temporary adieu.
Fashion Week typically isn't clothing, accessories, belts or boots that tow the proverbial company line or promote the status quo but rather push past the norm into the fabulous, unique and trendy. Mixed with risk-taking tops, beautiful bottoms and colorful accoutrements, Fashion Week is the Super Bowl for the design savvy but unlike the "big game," more than one winner emerges from marquee event.
As far as colorful, Fall is fixating on colors that dazzle the eye, none quite as prominent as the intense, beautiful Mykonos Blue. The love affair for this exciting new Fall color is quite remarkable, perhaps no bigger fan of it than Viviana G. She took this intoxicating blue and carefully crafted designs that are featured prominently with form-fitting dresses and materials that exude appeal and comfort in one fell swoop. This was apparently amazing at the Miami Fashion Week in 2013 as part of her Petit Pois collection.
Fall isn't without its broad trends, in addition to specific runaway runway hits such as the sensational offering put forth by Viviana G. Binteo.com takes a bite out of Fall fashion in a big way as the site, led by fashion guru Lindsey Jordahl, finds itself on the cusp of not just which clothes to wear but exactly how to wear them.
Binteo.com is quite the web site, not only for its expert opinions but as a centerpiece for culturally in-the-know stylists and designers to bat around ideas and trends for the upcoming seasons of fashion, in this case Fall.

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Fall is filled with must-haves and clothing that is either continuing to be staples in your wardrobe or certain items in the midst of a comeback. The gone-but-not-forgotten turtleneck is making a return to form as part of Fall. This comeback is nothing short of remarkable as this fair-weathered, neck-hugging sweater of sorts is returning with a bang after years of being exiled for making heads look too large -- as opposed to turning them. That isn't the case this year: the turtleneck is taking a step forward again.
This season also marks the return of leather and oversized jackets. Leather truly never left us per say but this Fall it is about taking leather to the next level with pants, shirts or even dresses. Yes, you can wear leather without looking like Gene Simmons gone bad.
As for coats, thin isn't in but fat is fashionable. OK, so don't make it a habit of going out and buying an oversized coat that simply looks plodding and is too big for your frame. When the term "oversized" is issued, it simply means implementing coats that seems hug-able rather than just hefty.
Although not considered an outerwear jacket by any means, Attitude Couture comes to play, too, with a series of Fall jackets that are hard not to fall in love with, especially given their undeniable appeal and diversity as a perfect fit for the office or just to combat the chilly temperature that is on its way.
The disappearance of summer doesn't have to signal tears of sadness but rather joy as an influx of phenomenal clothing typically is on the horizon for Fall. Whether you're in the mood to feel snug, sexy or superb, fashion hardly falls off or losing any fervor for Fall as bright colors and a brighter outlook for equally stunning looks seems set to tackle more than just a fashionable week but rather an entire season.

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