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Shock Treatment: Invisible Fences Find Increase In Popularity But Questions Abound About Safety.
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Shock Treatment: Invisible Fences Find Increase In Popularity But Questions Abound About Safety.

Those tiny white flags posted in yards around the country are typically associated with the Invisible Fence Brand, which makes plenty of green from those tiny, white flags.
But ironically, those white flags carry ominous overtones and seemingly signify dogs around the world surrendering and succumbing to what some call dangerous training methods.
First and foremost, Invisible Fence Brand boasts plenty of positives as part of its sales pitch, which is more than just empty rhetoric used to engage the masses of pet owners to buy their product.
They sport testimonials from veterinarians from around the globe who attest to the safety and security brought forth by the Invisble Fence Brand and, for that matter, the idea of collaring a dog and keeping him within a certain, predetermined boundary.
Invisible Fence works to safely send a charge through a collar that is placed on a dog. The charge is promised to not hurt but rather simply hinder a pet from proceeding any further than the owner intended.

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That said, the shock sent through the collar may not actually hurt the dog but could seriously breed some unwelcomed behavior. Some studies suggest that, while no actual, physical harm is done to your pet, the long-term effects could be anything but welcome.
Dogs and other pets put through the Invisible Fence basic training often develop a more aggressive behavior once they've be subjected to this alternative stay-in-your-own-yard training temperament. This includes but isn't limited to overreacting when a guest visits to growling and acting angrily toward just about anyone that isn't their owner.
To a lesser degree, dogs can build up "immunity" to the shock, which could lead to them testing their boundaries and eventually darting through the fence.
Invisible Fence Brand does its part to educate the consumer about these possible side effects that come from the installation of said product. Customers also must take a bulk of the lion share in terms of maintenance of the Invisible Fence, as far making sure batteries are functional and something -- or someone -- hasn't chewed through important electrical components that make the Invisible Fence a fully functional item.
The real battle lines aren't draw between the dog and the Invisible Fence brand but rather the owner and the pet itself. Traditional training, coupled with an Invisible Fence, seems like a more potent combination as opposed to just one or the other.
The ultra-important aspect of the Invisible Fence is that it isn't meant as the ultimate solution but rather a step in creating a better atmosphere for not only the owner but especially the animal.

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