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Run, Fido, Run
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Run, Fido, Run

The idea of playing a simple game of fetch seems somewhat passe.
The makers of Go-Go Dog Pals substituted a soccer ball, twig and bone in favor of a remote-controlled, pseudo animal. The simplicity of Go-Go Dog Pals almost makes you wish you'd come up with this idea.
Go-Go Dog Pals promote activity for your pet and gives them a reason to run around the yard. The Go-Go Dog Pal looks like a small, furry animal galloping across the yard. Unlike a stray squirrel or angry raccoon, The Go-Go Pal doesn't fight back but still gives dogs a reason to get up and out of their dog bed in the morning -- minus the scratches.
Exercise is a paramount for dogs and some owners go to great lengths to get their pets healthy. Those "great lengths" can include such extravagances like personal trainers and even exercise equipment. Go-Go Dog Pal supplants those expensive alternatives in favor of something that is not only practical but fun for the dog. They get the sensation that they're chasing a live animal, plus they can move throughout an entire yard or park.
Go-Go Dog Pal works like a remote-controlled car, which works incredibly well for customers who can't keep up with their dog. This option puts you comfortably in a lounge chair or recliner while you safely and easily operate the Go-Go Dog Pal from just about anywhere around the house. The Go-Go Dog Pal isn't overly fast to frustrate dogs but moves quickly and laterally enough for maximum excitement.

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A huge plus of the Go-Go Dog Pal in comparison to chew toys or balls is that it's incredibly strong and last much longer than comparable items that dogs love to chase. That said, the Go-Go Dog Pal comes with a decent-sized price tag but consider the alternative: let's say you buy an average of 10 chew toys per month at around $5 each. That's around $300 every 6 months spent on toys. For a little less than that, customers can purchase a Go-Go Dog Pal that clearly will pay for itself during that time period. Furthermore, dogs quickly tire of the same, old toy that is lying around the yard.
One question that looms, however, is what if Go-Go Dog Pal gets pounded on or Fido sinks his teeth into this item? Customers need not worry however, as Go-Go Dog Pal is built to last from material meant to be rough-housed with every day.
Naturally, the inclination is to believe that Go-Go Dog Pal isn't necessary. That may be somewhat true but pet owners balk at the idea that their dogs aren't worth the extra expense to ensure they're happy.

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