Playing chicken: Chick fil A yet another restaurant chain daring to change menu direction

06/11/15 by Chasity McLeod

Go ahead, call Chick fil A whatever name you can think of, but just steer clear of one word.
OK, so calling them chicken might sound silly since, well, that's what they serve. They're not in the hamburger and fries fast food business, but that doesn't mean they're not part of a growing trend in that marketplace that is ushering in change as far as menus and making them different from what has been the norm.

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And, Chick fil A certainly isn't afraid or scared to do so, particularly since competitors in the field, such as McDonald's for example, are doing just that in the wake of sagging sales and revenue that isn't trending in the right direction. Chick fil A is better at chicken than anyone else in fast food, topping the once lucrative KFC brand.
Now, Chick fil A hasn't decreed itself on the downward spiral that you'd assume since they're fixing what clearly isn't broken. They're most likely infusing a much needed boost into a menu that isn't bad but could be considered stale.
Included in the new menu is a salad that has kale, a baked potato and a chicken bacon sandwich. The first two items aren't surprising since most fast food chains are keeping healthier options in mind when deciding on what stays, goes or is added. Kale is the trendy, leafy green of choice these days, so the addition of it is equal parts healthier alternatives and marketing, as in jumping on the bandwagon of what is lauded and wanted these days out of a fast food restaurant.
The move to add new menu items is refreshing, simply because Chick fil A seemingly wasn't prodded or prompted to make the moves but rather opted to out of necessity to fill a void in their menu. This move reeks of not buying into complacency as it relates to how the chicken franchise and brand does business. They want to act and think progressively rather than wait for a huge shift of angry customers and lagging sales numbers prompts a move.
Doing it now saves them from looking as though they're reactive but rather working diligently to stay fresh and keep consumers happy, even if in the board room that isn't why this all is being done. While you can speculate about what is motivating Chick fil A to add to its menu, the end result is unknown truthfully.
The kale salad might fall flat or the baked potato could be left out in the cold.
But even if the items added don't sizzle but fizzle, Chick fil A should be applauded for at least having their heads in the right place and, more importantly, the right time.

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