Golden State of mind: Warriors are the epitome of 'team' game

06/19/15 by Matthew S. Vandriak

The wait is over. After 40 long years, another NBA Championship has finally returned to Oakland, California. Even though there was a lot of young talent, a lack of playoff experience and being led by a rookie head coach, the Warriors championship run was kind of unexpected. So how did the Warriors do it? By being the definition of team work.
Stephen Curry was the NBA regular season MVP. But the work of his teammates were just as important as Curry's contributions were in the post-season, especially in the Finals versus Cleveland. Andre Iguodala, in a great showing of what putting the team first means, played off the bench for Golden State during the regular season. Of course Iguodala would return to the starting lineup and be named the MVP of the Finals. Other players made individual sacrifices for the better of the team as well. When the Warriors decided to go to a smaller lineup, David Lee and Andrew Bogut both saw their roles greatly reduced in the Finals.
The team first approach carried over to the coaching staff as well. This season was Steve Kerr's first as an NBA head coach But Kerr was far from alone in leading this team to a title. Assistant coaches Alvin Gentry and Ron Adams were hired by Kerr to lend their expertise and help the rookie head coach game plan. And besides his top assistants, Kerr listened to everyone on his team as well. Special assistant coach Nick U'Ren was the one who suggested putting Iguodala in starting lineup. Kerr also listened to what his players had to say. It's been stated the Kerr also listened to the opinions and ideas of team interns. Kerr's approach was another shining example of the Warriors team first mentality.

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Of course the Warriors ridiculous 3 point shooting (they shot an NBA best 39.8% ) and even more ridiculous home record were rather large contributing factors to this championship. Curry led the league in three pointers made, and his "Splash Brother" Klay Thompson finished second. The Warriors won 39 of their 41 regular season games. The Warriors 67 wins were the most in the league, and gave Kerr the distinction of having the most wins ever by a rookie head coach.
From top to bottom the 2014/15 Golden State Warriors accomplished what they did this season as a team. And showed that there is no "I" in team, but there is an "I" in title. And the title of 2015 NBA Champions belongs to what surely was the league's best team.

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