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Keep Your Thundershirt On: New Clothing-style Vest Minimizes Pet Anxiety During Treacherous Weather
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Keep Your Thundershirt On: New Clothing-style Vest Minimizes Pet Anxiety During Treacherous Weather

Lightning lit up the sky and thunder soon followed. Everyone in the house had their heart skip; the dog is nowhere to be found. Under the bed, dining room table or behind the couch are popular places dogs seek shelter when the skies turn black.
Following the sounds of whimpering, "man's best friend" is found huddled in the corner with no intention of moving a muscle until this massive storm runs its course.
Previously, not much could be done to help soothe Spot's nerves in these situations but a new product broke onto the scene as seemingly a godsend to pet owners.
Consider yourself "Thunderstruck" by Thundershirt.
Thundershirt sends a calming effect through your dog -- or cat -- and settles them quite nicely in the face of thunder and lightning.

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Thundershirt isn't overly bulky and doesn't fit them like a bullet-proof vest or some type of heavyweight commercial-grade shirt. Thundershirt appears no different than a novelty sweater or T-shirt you'd normally put on your dog or cat.
The key to Thundershirt is quite simple: during times of anxiety -- such as a storm -- the pressure of the shirt against the body of a pet gives them a feeling of security. Now, a logical question is why purchase a Thundershirt when I can simply pick them up and hold them?
That sounds easier said than done. Trying to corral a frigid, frightened pet can be quite the endeavor. The alternative of Thundershirt allows customers to simply slip the shirt on them as the threat of inclement weather looms.
Perhaps the most endearing quality of Thundershirt isn't its material, durability or practicality but rather it is a safe alternative to medication for your dogs and cats. Customers absolutely adore their pets and the last thing they want to do is give them a pill or shot to help with something as fleeting and frequent as bad weather.
More important, Thundershirt works and sports a serious number of consumer testimonials that reaffirm that notion. As a result of the success of the original Thundershirt, the company continues to build on the humane way to train and protect pets with such ancillary products as leashes, dog treats and toys sculpted in the same mold as the Thundershirt.
Thundershirt is an ironic name for the product; it's quickly become a staple for pet owners and can't seem to stop making noise in the marketplace as one of the best-selling items in the business.
That's a message dog and cat lovers hear loud and clear.

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