Stretch run: Teams still jockeying for playoff positions in MLB

09/15/15 by Matthew S. Vandriak

With just 3 weeks left in the 2015 MLB season, the race is on. The American League East and West are still up for grabs, as is the National League Central. And while the Wild Cards look to be set in the NL, the AL race is very tight. Let's take a look at who's where as the regular season hits it's stretch run.
In the American League, the defending league champion Kansas City Royals have pretty much wrapped up the Central Division crown. The Royals have the AL's best record, and a comfortable 9.5 game lead over Minnesota.
The race is still on in the AL East. Toronto leads the New York Yankees by 3 games. The Blue Jays and the Yankees have 3 games left against each other. Toronto's remaining schedule consists of 3 games against Boston and Atlanta, 4 games against Baltimore, and 6 versus Tampa Bay. The Yankees schedule is a little bit tougher the rest of the way, as they have 3 against their cross town rival and the NL East leading Mets. The Yankees also have 2 games left versus the Rays, 3 against the White Sox, and 3 left against the Red Sox and Orioles.

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In the AL West, the division crown is still up for grabs as Houston holds a 1.5 game lead over Texas. Anaheim is still in the mix as well, sitting 4.5 games out of first place. The Astros and the Rangers have 6 games left head to head. Houston and Anaheim have 3 left against each other as well. Texas closes with a 4 game series against the Angels. And Anaheim has 4 games left against the Twins, which will effect the Wild Card race as well.
In the Wild Card race, the Yankees have the inside track on the first Wild Card, leading by 3.5 games over Texas and 4.5 games over Minnesota. Anaheim is 3.5 games behind the Rangers for the final Wild Card spot.
In the National League, the East and West look to be decided. In the East, the New York Mets have a commanding 10 game lead over Washington, while in the West, Los Angeles has a comfortable 7.5 game lead over San Francisco.
The Central remains a battle, as the two teams with the best records in MLB continue to fight for the division title. St. Louis leads Pittsburgh by 2.5 games. Chicago is in the hunt as well, sitting 6.5 games back. The Pirates and Cubs have 7 games head to head remaining, and the Pirates and Cardinals have another 3 game set. The Cardinals and Cubs play 3 more times as well. With all of these head to head meetings left, the race here remains wide open and possibly the best race the rest of the way in MLB.
The Wild Card race is pretty well sewn up with Pittsburgh holding the first spot, 4 games ahead of Chicago and 11.5 games in front of San Francisco. The Cubs lead the Giants by 7.5 games for the second birth.
It's setting up to be a fantastic finish, which will make for a lot of exciting and meaningful baseball games the rest of the way.

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