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Fruit Flush: Is It Fluke Or Fantastic?
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Fruit Flush: Is It Fluke Or Fantastic?

When hours upon hours of exercising doesn't yield the results exercisers want, they're quick to look for even quicker fixes.
Suddenly, crash diets such as low-carbohydrate plans and the all-bacon diet begin to surface in lieu of simply eating healthy and exercising -- a combination that has proved potent for years.
One particular "extreme" in the dieting world is one that isn't quite as ridiculous as no carbs or simply ingesting one particular food.
Nutritionist and health consultants alike often recommend some sort of fruit diet or "flush" as a means to jump-start a weight-loss program and literally give exercisers a chance to start from scratch.
The "Fruit Flush" is like hitting the reset button.

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Some have lost upward of 10 pounds in just three days as part of this all-fruit diet, which mainly consists of fresh fruit consumed for the better part of a three-day meal plan. Fruit diets vary but most have one common theme: about two days of nothing but fruit for breakfast and lunch, followed by a wholesome dinner that consists of lean protein and raw vegetables.
Some plans call for protein shakes as the only food taken in during Day 1 of the regimen; others simply stick to the fruit-only mantra for all three days.
Specifics aside, the overall game plan is one that is universal: eat a ton of fruit and lose pounds quickly. But two glaring, pertinent questions need peeled faster than your orange for lunch and banana for breakfast: How does it work and, more important, is it safe?
First and foremost, fruit helps the body rebound for months, days or years of hamburgers and French fries and allows the digestive process to regenerate to a degree. Fruit keeps your blood sugar sane, which means you'll have energy. The same can't be said for the aforementioned "low-carb" alternatives.
The weight loss experienced by eating fruit alone is real, even if the majority of it is water weight. That said, that type of weight loss, especially for the severely overweight or obese, is a great launching pad toward a healthier lifestyle.
But the fruit diet, while formidable, isn't impervious to the one person who can derail it: YOU. Much like any diet, the key to a "Fruit Flush" is continuity once the three-day banana, blueberry and mango binge is complete.
Water weight quickly can be regained once dieters begin eating "normally." The best practice for those interested in incorporating the "Fruit Flush" is to follow it and then gradually begin eating normally and reintroducing healthy foods without completely eliminating the fruit.
Anything less than that itinerary will "flush" down any hopes of regaining a healthier lifestyle.

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