Class act: Holm has resisted urge to let ego grow

11/22/15 by Rennie Detore

As much as everyone wants to talk about Holly Holm stunning the MMA world when she defeated previously unbeaten and figurehead of women's fighting, Ronda Rousey, the new women's bantamweight championship also knocked us out with something else we're not quite used to in sports.
Her class.
Holm has become an instant superstar, making her rounds nationally on a variety of talk shows and has seen gaming it up and taking photos with the likes Floyd Mayweather, among others, but every time she speaks, it is minus the arrogance of a woman that just showed her dominance against a former champion whose ego arguably lead to her downfall.

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Rousey was obnoxious as she compiled wins. She was letting the national spotlight derail her passion for fighting and quite frankly, those who know mixed martial arts fighting knew that Holm was the better fighter, more seasoned and definitely a better all around fighter, particularly when the two are boxing, standing toe to toe.
Holm crushing Rousey surprised the world, but most who knew fighting saw this one coming.
But beyond the fight itself, it's the aftermath of Holm and how she's been that is refreshing given the former champion and her propensity to flaunt her ego and flap her gums in a way that was hard to like.
Holm has praised Rousey, when in truthfully she deserves very little as a person and competitor to some degree. Granted, Rousey has done more for women's MMA than any other person in the history of the sport. Her rise and meteoric run as a female fighter gave fighters like Holm a chance to even be in the spot she was in: fighting for a championship on a national stage, pay per view and as the main event of a UFC card.
But Rousey and her antics before the fight, including a ridiculous dust up at the weigh in and not touching gloves with Holm just before the fight commenced as a show of disrespect to her challenger is one of the many reasons Rousey is so disliked and why Holm is just a breath of fresh air.
As easy as it would have been for Holm to go national and talk trash on Rousey, who did exactly that before getting her clock cleaned, Holm has risen above the silliness and showmanship that Rousey embraced and has acted the way a champion should.
She has heaped praise on Rousey, told anyone who will listen that she is the reason for all this success and would welcome a rematch any time the former champ is ready to return.
Holm might not be filled with the flare and salaciousness of Rousey and some fans may grow tired of her "nice girl" routine, but for now we can appreciate how Holm goes about her business with professionalism and humility as someone you can be proud to call a champion.

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