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Friday, bloody, Friday: Remembering hot toys that took us by storm on Black Friday
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Friday, bloody, Friday: Remembering hot toys that took us by storm on Black Friday

Before doors to most retailers opened on Thanksgiving night, "Black Friday" was the main event when it came to shopping and, for parents, aunts, uncles and anyone else who was buying for children, the moment in time they had to secure the hottest toy of the season.
You remember the countless "Black Friday" headlines, the ones that involved moms pulling hair, dads throwing punches and consumers content on finding the last remains of the hottest toys left on the shelves; those are what showed up in the newspapers and online on Saturday morning following "Black Friday." 
Hard to believe just one little toy created such a stir when it came to consumers and customers alike who knew that Christmas and the holidays wouldn't be the same for their kids if they didn't open the gift that everyone wanted.
Those gifts have ranged in variety relatively speaking, based on the type, age, gender and everything else you could imagine. Transformers ruled the world in 1984 with kids, mainly boys, making it the hottest selling toy nearly 32 years ago.
The idea of robots turning into cars and vice versa was all any little boy could imagine, and the toys from three decades ago spawned a series of superb movies that grossed hundreds of millions of dollars.
In 1984, however, "Black Friday" wasn't the hot commodity that it is today.

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The turn into the 2000s also brought another must have toy, and by then "Black Friday" was red hot and so were Bratz Dolls. In 2001, Bratz Dolls were the best selling toy over the holidays, and younger girls of all ages couldn't have the 2001 holidays come or go without having one of these fashion dolls. Bratz arrived on the scene in 2001 and continued to have great success, but nothing matched that first year of remarkable success.
Five years before Bratz were born, Tickle Me Elmo was the number one toy on the market, and those dolls were easily the most wanted toy in the history of the holidays. Some of the toys were in such demand that they would sell on the secondary market for more than $2,500. The reason being is the toy was in such demand because very few were made when it arrived in the mid 1990s.
Every year has its toy, mostly depending on supply and demand but always driven by what kids want and how parents have to try to find out a way to get it.
Minus the fist fighting and "Black Friday" masses taken into consideration.

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