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Crazy lame: Smart watch wins for some, loses for most
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Crazy lame: Smart watch wins for some, loses for most

The smart watch craze came through with flying colors initially, but now is muddled in shades of gray as far as popularity and just how useful and practical these wrist watches truthfully are.
Apple especially took the world by storm as consumers snatched up the very first generation of watches and reveled in them initially. The whole smart watch concept seems a bit exaggerated truthfully, given that answering calls or sending texts from your wrist hardly seems like the definition of convenience.
The majority of those who bought the smart watch almost immediately had buyer's remorse and didn't necessary believe it was all that much value given the cost involved with it.
Truthfully, you have to understand their point of view, no matter how much Apple and other companies promise that the smart watch is here to stay.
For those who aren't amazed or haven't bought into the whole watch fanfare, it is with good reason. I never understood what made the smart watch so appealing. Granted, you might be able to be swayed by the initial appeal of being able to check messages and emails from your wrist, but is it really that much of a pain to go into your pocket and pull out a smart phone.

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The smart watch feels more like something that was created to make money, a niche market and for those who can afford to drop a few hundred dollars on what can easily be deemed a luxury item.
Think of it like someone who joins a gym and then hires a personal trainer. Well, technically you joined the gym and you know how to lose weight, but the trainer is an added bonus that you really don't need.
The smart watch isn't in danger of being obsolete by any means but it isn't exactly a hot ticket item anymore. Granted, some still look at it as a convenience, but the bulkiness of it, slow response times and a battery life that is worth questioning won't do the watch any favors as far as making it the gadget of the future that it once was dubbed as being.

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