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Lap dogged: Is buying cheaper laptop pure genius?
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Lap dogged: Is buying cheaper laptop pure genius?

The evolution of the laptop is one that has taken quite the downturn recently in some ways given that this type of computer no longer costs a few thousand but more like a few hundred.
In short, the laptop has turned into a lap dog.
But should price be the only way to determine if a laptop really is worthwhile owning?
Unless you're an avid gamer and you need some serious horsepower, laptops have come down in price for the masses and with good reason. Most who use a computer or laptop will tell you that they don't need a boatload of memory or processor speed give that they're mostly using it for the internet and perhaps email and a few photos here and there. Even the most modest laptop is going to be just fine for those reasons.
One laptop, in particular, is the epitome of where laptops have gone in recent years: the Lenovo Idea Pad 100s. The laptop is small but has a superb battery life and the best part about this little gem: the price.

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Just like other comparable laptops of that ilk, the Lenovo Think Pad checks in at under $200, and that is enough to get it more than just a few looks. The battery life is worth talking about and for the money, it is a competent laptop and one that likely will fulfill most of the needs of consumers that aren't interest in spending nearly a thousand dollars for a full blown laptop that they'll never truly use to its fullest potential.
Now, the Lenovo Think Pad might be something worth pondering before you just assume this a buy hands down. This laptop is slow and the screen looks outdated since the resolution is rarely something you'd gaze it in a amazement, certainly not making it the kind of laptop you'd want to have if you're multi tasking or in need of something that is going to be graphics strong.
But again, the goal is to appeal to the masses and the Lenovo Think Pad does just that. At the price point, Lenovo undoubtedly believes its going to make up in sticker price by selling in volume.
That move makes the most sense since the days of shelling out a small fortune for a laptop is over. Sure, you'll get some that are going to over pay for the laptops of old, but the new version of the laptop is more like the Think Pad then the one that harkens back to the day laptops were a commodity rather than the norm.

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