Saban grace: Why Alabama coach, for all his faults, is irreplaceable

01/02/16 by Rennie Detore

First, let me get this out of the way. I don't care for Nick Saban.
I never really paid attention to Saban's career until he hit the NFL and joined the Miami Dolphins. Saban was out of his element and bombed in the NFL, which is nothing new for college coaches (most of them) that can't hack it with their cheerleader, hard nosed approach that college kids gobble up and NFL players turn the other way.
Saban made waves when he basically left the Dolphins for Alabama and didn't really bother to tell his Dolphins' players and instead squirmed his way out of town for the job he currently holds at the moment.

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As the Alabama coach, Saban is pure gold. He's easily and arguably one of the greatest current college coaches and perhaps will be remembered as one of the best of all time. Saban is know for being hard to work with, a great motivator but also a huge pain to deal with as far as the players and the assistant coaches. He doesn't except being average or mediocre, and his players are NFL caliber the moment they declare for the draft.
He's won National Championships, bowl games and his consistency at the helm in Alabama has the school as the top in the nation and winning has become commonplace as a result of the type of coach Saban is.
He makes as much (and more) than some NFL coaches, so he had no reason to leave a job that is his for as long as he wants it.
As a person, Saban is a jerk, but his job isn't to be nice. His job is to win.
And no one in the college ranks is better than him.
So he'll continue to recruit the best classes, turn freshman into NFL millionaires and win and then win some more, while the school reaps the financial benefits of having a football team that is a BCS or bust type program.
All of this is thanks to Nick Saban, a guy that is so very easy to hate but you have to respect what he's been able to accomplish as part of his career as a college coach. The way he left the NFL was hardly one for the ages or something that will give him an open door policy to return to the professional ranks.
But why would he even care to do so? He's got his cushy gig, making millions and has the very best high school players at his beckon call. But that doesn't mean he doesn't work hard, and win.
Bama is a beautiful place to be. And they have Saban to thank for all of it.

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