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Kitchen helpers: Why some gadgets seem odd, yet surprisingly practical

Remember the Salad Shooter? How about the food dehydrator? When was the last time you saw and used your quesadilla maker?
Maybe it's been a while since you used any of these products. Perhaps these gadgets never made it to your countertop and with good reason.
They were gimmicks, in some cases, but in others they worked as they promised, but you can never understate just how these are marketed and if consumers believe wholeheartedly that what they see, they'll believe.
But the salad shooter and food dehydrator seem like as rudimentary as a toaster and can opener when compared to some products for you kitchen that seem almost as thought they were created in a lab by a mad scientist or something that looks like it belongs on a space ship, rather than tucked away in your kitchen.
Easily the most ridiculous kitchen appliances is a plastic holder in the shape of a pizza slice to, you guessed it, keep your pizza warm. The aptly titled Pizza Pouch paves the way for all sorts of questions as to why you need to have pizza around your neck and why a food that seems so portable on its own needs some sort of carrying case; like you're taking your cat to the vet and need a cage for it.

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From pizza pouches to protective gear, they do make a cover for those who are so sloppy with spaghetti or noodles that you can wear this plastic device around your head for less than $20 and it is supposed to protect your hair and face from the noodles, supposedly, if they're hot or still filled with water.
Finally, who doesn't love a good waffle from time to time, and you'd think that having a waffle iron that makes your waffles into special shapes would be cool, in some ways, like if you're talking about dinosaurs or the face of Mickey Mouse, but what about a keyboard. Yes, a keyboard shape that you can pour that waffle batter over and enjoy a waffle in the shape of your computer keyboard.
If that doesn't make for a breakfast of champions, then you haven't really fallen in love with your kitchen, more specifically the gadgets that comprise them. Sure, the waffle keyboard iron, pizza pouch and others of that ilk are unconventional, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve a spot in your kitchen next to the staples that already reside there.

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