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Lap dogged: How to fix that slow computer minus the expense
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Lap dogged: How to fix that slow computer minus the expense

Who hasn't had to deal with a slow computer? 
Even users of Apple, those with the latest and greatest laptop or a high powered desktop, you still can find yourself at the other end of a slow computer that is driving you crazy.
The next step most consumers take is trying to find someone or some place of business to fix it, and that can be costly on a number of levels, whether you're paying for parts, the deductible even if you have insurance on the computer or the ridiculous hourly rate that you'll find on that invoice.
And while some PC and Mac problems can't be fixed by the user, and often times you have to seek the help of an expert, you also can find a way to take the problem as your own and tackle the slow computer on your own, minus the high fees that typically are involved.
Some may find it too difficult, but the truth is that fixing it doesn't have to be an all in or trying task.
The easiest place to start is deleting temporary internet files and programs that you're not using. This common task has been around since the dawn of the computer, and the programs and deleting them will make a slower PC run like a charm most of the time.

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In some instances, you may have to do a backup from time to time on an external drive and leave that external drive filled with music, photos and other documents while the main body, the computer itself, now is free and clear and space being used no longer is an issue. That external drive will help, but you can also add memory to your PC to make it zip along at a pace more consistent with newer devices.
Furthermore, as a consumer, you have to ensure you are buying a PC or Mac that fits your needs. If you're playing games on the computer, you want to make sure processor speed is higher than the norm.
Often times, too, the virus protection you have can slow down your PC mightily so before you install anything you should do research on which virus protection is equal parts effective and not going to turn your PC into a glorified door stop since it might be rendered too frustrating and barely able to function.
That computer is often your life line at home or at work, and having one that works the way you want it to is paramount, but the moment something goes awry and it isn't functioning, you don't have to run for help but stand pat and put the burden on your shoulders first.

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