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Sales farce: How to sell online better and faster
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Sales farce: How to sell online better and faster

Who hasn't looked around the garage, taken stock of what they have and thought about how to earn extra money by getting rid of what they don't use?
The question remains not so much if you're going to sell or even when but rather how. How do you know what online site has the most bang for the proverbial buck? Should you leave it to Craig's List and minus the fees or go with something like eBay, perhaps more reputable than most but chocked full of ways to make you pay?
The truth is some sites work really well and others not so much.
eBay easily is in the discussion as one of the more reputable ones, but don't discount the selling power of Amazon, either. Amazon is a powerhouse, tour de force and one of the more attractive sites to sell your items. The key to selling is the credibility of the site you're on (something that Craig's List struggles with, at no fault of its own).
Craig's List has the reputation for forcing you to deal with people that waffle on buying decisions or simply no show altogether after you've potentially driven miles to a meeting point. Craig's List also is well documented as a site that is filled with scams, something you won't find too frequently if at all on Amazon or eBay.

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You also can't look past the power of social media, either, when it comes to selling. Facebook is chalked full of sites made specifically for selling, not auctions per say but rather people just using the potential and upside of other people in need of items. Social media has a Craig's List type feel to it, but a lot of times the people interested and buying are your "friends" or those who follow your page.
That in and of itself makes it light years ahead of Craig's List as far as feel safe that you're not going to be meeting up with someone you can't trust. If nothing else a Facebook friend at least is someone you potentially know (or someone you know, knows them).
If you're looking to sell something of value that you don't want to ship or is a car or other large scale item, Craig's List is the way to go. Most serious buyers do enjoy Craig's List, plus the site also is tailored to buy or rent homes. You can pinpoint your location and selling a car, for instance, is a lot easier than trying to arrange pickup through an eBay, for instance.
The ability to sell online is a huge upgrade than the antiquated garage sale where you're lucky to make a hundred bucks for the day. The influx of online selling options seems like it arrived in an instant, which is good for buyers as long as they're aware of what works best for them.

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