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Service failed: Why Comcast is one of the more hated companies in world

Every year, a list surfaces that details the host hated companies in the world, mostly predicated on customer disaffection and subsequent customer service that leaves a lot to be desired.
The list changes year to year, but one company makes it a point to be part of it, either by accident or they're just that inept.
That company is most likely the cable provider in your very own living room: Comcast.
The largest communications company in the world is seen by the masses as the most annoying and one that they'd rather not to business with, if they can help it.
Why exactly is Comcast so hated?

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A lot of it has to do with their poor customer service and having to go through the channels they've set forth to get to an actual person to speak to, or if you have the unenviable task of talking to someone about a bill.
So let's focus on that bill, specifically.
Comcast billing is inane and hurts just to think about it. It bills customers a month ahead essentially, so you truly never get too far ahead if at all. Comcast seems as though they're sending a bill every two weeks, rather than by the month. The additional fees and the individual charges for everything ends up taking a small bill or promotion (such as $89 for the first year when you join as a new customer) and elevates those charges to nearly $200.
Rent the modem, pay extra for this, add a phone line to save money even though it ends up costing you more since you're paying for what you don't need. The pricing is inconsistent at best, and the front loaded billing and pro rated amounts when you cancel or add services is so hard to follow you need to be a genius (despite what Turbo Tax is saying about doing taxes and not needing to be one).
Apparently, they didn't do business with Comcast.
And even if you decide you want to cancel Comcast, you'll have quite the uphill climb. In other words, good luck to you. They work incredibly hard to be pretentious and annoying and won't stop until you keep your service. They'll offer you a so called better rate (again, something that is good for a year, then expires) and really will badger you until you decide to stay.
Most of us decide to do so just because of their sales oriented persistence.
As for those better rates and promotions, Comcast really cuts the customer off at the knees with these specials. It really has nothing to do with prices or how much you're paying every month but more about when that promotion runs its course. You'd think a customer centric and caring company would at least remind you when the promotion is up but Comcast would rather bill you again for the "regular" price and not bother until tell you until that bill comes and you're on the hook for it.
Sure, you can say that the customer should remember when that promotion runs out, but a good company would keep the customer in the loop and happy. Fortunately that has to come from a great company, and Comcast hardly is that.
Or even close, for that matter.

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