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Daddy's home: How to bond with baby as a new dad
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Daddy's home: How to bond with baby as a new dad

I'm a dad for the first time. It's easy to see after watching my wife through pregnancy, all the morning sickness, bloating and birth how she's the one the baby will bond with most. Do I feel like the odd man out?
Honestly, not really but I do ask myself the question about my role and just what I can do to be the best new dad I can be, to support both my son and my wife as the journey from pregnancy to parenting begins.
My wife did so well while she was pregnant, took everything in stride, and I tried to be the best husband given what she was experiencing, both the good and the bad.
Now the attention turns to being a dad (for the first time) and making sure the process is seamless. I really want to be the one who carries the burden of this newborn all on my shoulders, at least as much as I can do. A lot of it boils down to showing my wife I can pick up the slack that I feel was there when she was carrying our child. She did it all, now I want to do the same for her.
So what exactly is my role as a new dad in relationship to my wife? How do I bond with my baby?

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From what I've read, my role and what I should be doing for my wife and newborn is act as the person who carries the burden for the day to day process and whatever live throws at us as a family. That means I'll be the one to handle the bills, make sure my wife and child aren't disturbed in any way possible with anything trivial, even if that means something as trivial as answering the door or making sure if the phone rings, I'm the gatekeeper of all of it, sales calls or even friends. If mom and baby are busy, I'm your guy.
As the dad, I still can join in where I want and needed to. If that means I'll give baby a bath every other day in the afternoon, then so be it. I have to remember I can enjoy in the same joys of parenting my wife does, as long as I make it a point to stay connected to that process.
Being a dad is a dream come true, and one that I'm going to take one day at a time, just as long as I have a better understanding what those days are going to consist of on a practical and emotional level.

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