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Exit strategy: How to leave job the right way
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Exit strategy: How to leave job the right way

There's lots of ways to leave a job, particularly depending on the nature of why you're leaving.
If you're quitting, so be it. Maybe it is for something better. If you're being let go, then you're obviously not in the greatest frame of mind. If you're been fired, chances are you did something wrong as part of your employment.
But the real question isn't so much the reason but how exactly you're going to handle that all important and what could be a very tense exit interview.
Some companies have gotten away from these, citing that they really don't serve a purpose, but if you're in the midst of actually having one, you realize just how carefully you need to choose your words.
Sparta, this is not, but you could be thrown to the lions for future employment if you don't pay close attention to what you're about to say when certain questions are posed.

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You obviously want to leave any job with your head held high, and although you can never say never about possibly coming back to work for that same company, you might want to use them as a reference at some point, too.
The natural reaction to any exit interview is to treat it like an opportunity to cut loose and air your grievances without any reason to hold back. But this isn't about being uncensored and your company keeping their finger close to that seven second delay button. You should never talk badly about co workers, or use harsh words about just how poor the work being done around you is.
Of course, you might find it hard not to cut loose, but if you have something to say, cite fact and not your opinion, and even that isn't really recommended. This is your exit interview, not a chance to bury someone else.
And that includes bashing the company as well. You might be inclined to say just how the company is the worst or you've worked for better, and that only is going to follow you to the next job.
If you don't believe so, ask someone who has had a hard time finding a job, and they may be short on references and credibility thanks to their loose lips. The employment field is all about talking to other managers and owners, and if you think they're not going to relay how you spoke ill of the company, you're naive.
The exit interview is all about poise, punctuality and a penchant for sticking to being specific in a constructive way. Anything else is going to lead to a lot of applications and interviews with very little pay off.

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