Oh Manning: What would happen to Peyton's legacy if he used HGH

02/13/16 by Matthew S. Vandriak

Everybody loves Peyton Manning, right? If you're a football fan, you respect what he's done on the field. Whether you're a football fan or not, you have to admit his commercials are pretty entertaining. Off the field he has the reputation of being a class act who does things the right way and is a family man. But what if the allegations that Manning used illegal human growth hormone turn out to be true? Does that change everything?
If you're not aware of the allegations, a report by Al Jazeera TV in December alleged that Manning amongst other professional athletes used HGH from an Indianapolis clinic. The allegations stated that a pharmacist named Charlie Sly prescribed and shipped HGH to Manning's home and addressed it to his wife. Manning and all of the other athletes named in the Al Jazeera report denied the allegations. Two of the athletes named in the case filed lawsuits against Al Jazeera for libel. Sly himself recanted the information that he provided to Al Jazeera saying that he made most of it up.
So on the surface, it looks like a story that was fabricated and fiction. But Manning also hired a law firm to do a secret investigation into Charlie Sly. An investigation that sent two men, claiming to be law enforcement agents, that were working on behalf of the law firm went to Sly's parents house in Indiana to interrogate him. This resulted in Sly's parents calling 911. Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was also hired by Manning as a crisis management consultant.

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Now is that just the natural reaction from Manning's camp to false allegations? Or is having two men who showed up at Sly's parents house at night claiming to be law enforcement when they actually weren't, and being the only one of the named athletes to hire a crisis management consultant an admission of guilt?
Besides the undercover story which uses Sly's comments as the only basis of it's story, there is no fact or proof that any of the allegations in the story are true. Well unless you count the fact that Manning's forehead seems to have expanded to the size of Frankenstein's compared with pictures from his college days.
Now while it doesn't look that way, what if it turns out down the line that the allegations were true? What if Manning did indeed use HGH in his comeback from neck surgery in 2011? Does that take away from his legacy? Does that mean everything he accomplished in Denver should have an asterisk next to it? Would that tarnish his image and potential to work in the NFL at a different level such as a general manager in the future?
I like Peyton Manning. I respect him as a player. He's one of the guys who had a long and sterling career with no off the field issues or scandals. I respect him as a family man. And as a fan of professional sports, I hope he retires a champion and that these allegations are false.
But if they turn out to be true, does that change everything about Peyton Manning?

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