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Job lost: Why your appearance ruined your job interview

When most people think of a job interview, they don't equate that with how they look or their appearance in relationship to perception.
We tend to focus on the questions, how to answer the "five year plan" inquiry or making sure they don't go as far as to say indirectly that they want the interviewer's job (or even the bosses' job) as part of their answers.
But making sure you look the part is just as paramount as putting your best foot forward as it is to make sure you do the standard prep for an interview for a new job, including researching the company, asking good follow up questions when the interview is about to conclude and keeping your answer dedicated and focused, without rambling or going off on a tangent that is unwarranted.
Your appearance is key, and a few things you should be focused on is your attire first and foremost but perhaps not in the way you think. Your attire should be appropriate for the job. I've interviewed potential candidates for employment for a maintenance job and they show up in a full blown, 3 piece suit.
While that isn't all bad, it really seems a little out of place, same as interviewing for a junior executive for a law firm, only to see this person show up in blue jeans and a long sleeved T shirt with a half hearted twill jacket.

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Furthermore, your sights and smell play a huge role in how you're perceived as well. For guys, you should be clean shaven and have all those unsightly hairs (ear, nose, etc.) shouldn't live to fight or be seen for another day.
You also need to do a bad breath check (men and women alike) and also be sure you're not drenched in really bad perfume or cologne and instead keep your smell fresh and lively but not overpowering, either.
Plenty of us have practiced the perfect interview, gone over our answers and thought long and hard about the job itself, how you'd make it better and just the type of asset you'd be with the company. You spent blood, sweat and tears on a cover letter and a resume that works, but all of that, those tangible elements, mean very little if that first impression is the epitome of unsightly. That old expression of you can't make a second first impression truly rings true if your interview is marred by you looking as though you're not prepared visually.

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