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Print jobbed: Why you can admit you hate your home printer
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Print jobbed: Why you can admit you hate your home printer

I bought a home printer. I have instantly regretted my decision.
So, here's the deal. I needed a printer at home for the simple fact that I was trying to make life convenient.
I've never actually owned a newer printer, not since I was 16 years old and was embarking on a writing career that included a typewriter initially. The first printer I purchased was a simple plug in one that actually worked better than the first "new" one I bought recently.
The printer of choice a few months ago was a Canon, not overly expensive (less than $100) and it was a wireless model, simple, clean, neat and seemingly the answer to my prayers and keeping me away from Kinko's every time I want to print a resume, application or have any sort of paperwork that can't be filed or worked on electronically alone.
The setup for the printer seemed easy as the instructions unfolded like a treasure map, but what I got was a simple, step by step process that I had to do several times for it to work, and trying to load it on an Apple laptop was even trickier (for reasons known only to the universe Apple and Canon can't stand one another).

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The printer and that wireless capability are hit and miss, and I'm constantly getting this annoying "C" (for Canon, I assume) that pops up at the bottom of my Apple task bar that tells me there is some sort of error.
The only mistake that was made was my decision to buy an at home printer for myself. What seemed like a good idea has turned into a larger than life paperweight.
But if the printer itself wasn't bad enough, the ink is the deal breaker.
I've printed no more than a handful of documents at home with this fickle printer, and I'm already getting low black ink warnings on the screen of the computer and the printer itself.
Low ink? Already.
I guess those pair of concert tickets and a new apartment least in triplicate is enough to push the printer and its delicate ink to the brink of being nearly bone dry within 90 days. Now I know why that scene in "Office Space" is so appropriate when the fax machine takes a walloping from the recently fired employees.
And with that, I think I'll stick with sending my printing needs outside the house.

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