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Not buying: Why Best Buy and customer service don't go hand in hand
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Not buying: Why Best Buy and customer service don't go hand in hand

Whether it's Black Friday or just a random Wednesday, Best Buy just doesn't get it.
The electronics superstore is sleek and overflowing with everything from 4K TVs, blu ray players, laptops and just about anything else you can think of in that vein.
But one very important thing is missing at Best Buy.
Customer service.
I have spent quite a bit of time at Best Buy, and shopped there for just about everything electronic wise that is in my house. I think Best Buy has achieved success based on the fact that they're aggressive with pricing, have decent credit card terms (free interest on a certain amount spent) and a fairly large inventory on what matters (don't bother looking for movies or CD's in large amounts unless you're in a larger, densely populated area).

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All of those elements have allowed Best Buy to best other electronics dealers such as the now defunct Circuit City and push back the likes of Sears and other department stores. When you think of electronics, you think of Best Buy because that is their niche.
But the novelty of Best Buy has worn off and these large scale stores aren't doing so hot these days, and everyone wants to talk about the likes of Wal Mart or Target and other lower cost options that are forcing Best Buy to get better. You also can't discount the Amazon and online sales stops that are lower priced in comparison to Best Buy.
While all of those sums add up to Best Buy sulking and suffering in the sales column, you can't underestimate the element of just how poor the customer service is. Yes, Best Buy doesn't work on commission, and in some perverse way that hurts the service from their staff.
They're hardly attentive and getting them to help you find a movie or just pay your bill tends to get as tedious as just about any retail interaction. At least at the Best Buy I frequent, you, as the customer, seem to be more of a nuisance than a priority, and almost as though the store itself is the cool kid's table at the lunch room, and you're just trying to find a seat.
Best Buy may have been able to get by on its flashiness and substance in the form of being an electronics superstore, but how the customers are treated and just how inattentive the staff is hardly would be considered super but rather subpar at best, leaving customer service as a driving force for why Best Buy is flailing.

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