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Socially inept: Why social media is carelessness personified
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Socially inept: Why social media is carelessness personified

So how exactly do you use social media?
That question might be a little broad, but specifically are you a random posting person with little or no substance behind what you're saying (sort of if you're trying to make a witty random thought like a celebrity) or do you only post when something strikes your interest, making your post poignant but few or far between.
Where you land on the social media spectrum in terms of content certainly depends on how you view your platform. Those random posts or ones with some teeth in it are one thing, but do you ever look at social media as something that can work against you, too.
That isn't to suggest you'll accidentally post a comment that a friend can easily see but more about affecting your career, you livelihood or even your relationships.
Think for a second when you're about to leave for vacation. Did you realize that your home is twice as likely to be broken into when you're on vacation? Furthermore, why would you want announce to the world that your house is going to be unattended for the better part of at minimum a few days to several weeks.

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Now the average Joe or Jane aren't the only ones to misstep as it relates to social media, either. Rapper 50 Cent is declaring bankruptcy yet he felt the need to post a photo of him on Instagram sitting next to a pile of cash. Not surprisingly, he's going to be asked to explain how bankruptcy and a huge chunk of change go hand in hand.
That is just a small sample of how silly and stupid the general public and even the famous can be as it relates to social media. If you've called off sick and yet still managed to post photos on Twitter about how much fun the amusement park or pool was that day, you're obviously not using the best of judgment.
I was once accused of skipping work for a baseball game on Memorial Day. I was off that day as it was and the game was at 8 p.m., but I was featured on the telecast at home. That is a perfect example that everyone from human resources to your co workers are watching, so why even give them the provocation to post what you'll be doing aside from work on any given day.
Relationships certainly have ended or at least been tested with photos of someone on social media with a person that isn't their girlfriend, boyfriend or partner, with plenty of questions for the guilty party to answer.
This isn't to suggest that lying about skipping work or skipping out on a person via cheating is right. It's not. It's deplorable. The idea behind social media is to enjoy news in an instant, stories that grab your attention.
The spotlight isn't about you, for your own sake and to be smart about everything you write online.

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