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Scrap yard: Why some foods are toxic for your dog
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Scrap yard: Why some foods are toxic for your dog

You know pretty much what foods you're not supposed to eat, but did you ever stop to consider what table foods your dog should steer clear of?
Everyone's guilty of taking a few bites off their plate and allow man's best friend to indulge or reaching down and giving their dog a few pieces of food that they simply can't finish.
But that on the spot doggy bag that is table scraps or as some call it "people food" might actually being doing more harm than good for your lovable puppy.
A few foods are pretty much givens as it relates to people and dogs, and that they're off limits. Foods like caffeine, chocolate and alcohol (yes, alcohol) can cause a dog to have anything from vomiting to liver damage, given the fact that the dog liver is easier to destroy than that of a human.
The caffeine can have the affect of rapid breathing or heart palpitations and fits of muscle tremors that are easily visible.

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The one grave mistake that humans make it relationship to feeding their dogs table food is assuming that healthy food for them translates into healthy food for their dogs, too. For instance, grapes and raisins would be considered healthy for men, women and children, but for dogs that could literally be the kiss of death. Experts agree that dogs can go into kidney failure as a result of ingesting grapes and raisins.
And as much as you enjoy milk and dairy, from an ice cream cone to a tall glass of milk to go with that cookie, your dogs isn't going to share in that sweet tooth as much as you do. Dogs aren't made or equipped to digest dairy (truthfully, most humans aren't, either), and they could get very sick, very quickly and that includes bowel issues and feeling nausea. Unlike humans, dogs can't speak up when they don't feel well, either.
Finally, table scraps are almost always associated with meat, bones and other foods of that ilk. Bones are a bad idea, despite how common it seems to be to give a dog a bone. The bones are choking hazards for dogs and the jagged parts aren't stomach friendly.
It's best in most situations when it relates to table scraps to bag the doggie bag itself and stick to the dog food that is tailor made specifically for your dog. Everything else, particularly the aforementioned, is only going to make man's best friend into a puppy whose going to be in a foul mood.

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