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Family Affair: Smart snacking starts with the entire household

Nothing derails a diet quite like snacking. And, once the snacking goes from good to bad, so does your equally bloated grocery lists.
Shopping for healthy alternatives and the types of snacks you like to consume is directly related how well that diet, and you, are shaping up.
Getting back on track as far as what you're eating in between meals often depends on a number of factors: your job, stress, lack of time or simply not putting yourself in a situation to succeed. Another reason your diet is in distress: your family.
One of the bigger hurdles as far as whether to heap on a second helping in the form of potato chips after dinner or a post-lunch Twinkie, could be traced to the kind of food you keep in the house, especially if you have kids who like to snack after school.
Parents tend to tailor their food shopping to what their kids want and often forget that they live within the confines of the house, too. That temptation in the form of sugary fruit snacks and after school snacking, such as chicken nuggets or pizza bites, puts parents on the hot seat.

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The easy solution is stocking the kitchen shelves with high-quality snacks for both mom, dad and the kids. And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to introduce yourself or the children to that pesky vegetable crisper.
The short term could be salty kids who aren't exactly sweet on the idea of fruits and vegetables as primary snacks. Long term, however, is well worth the benefits; the earlier the kids learn to eat healthy, the more equipped and cognizant they'll be as they get older to make healthier choices.
If you're the type of snack lover who spends most of their time away from home, the urge to eat unhealthy is everywhere, from that outdated office vending machine to a bountiful bag of potato chips that all your coworkers nibble on throughout the week.
If you're not packing snacks, you're not really making much of an effort. Fruits such as apples and bananas make it easy to keep the healthy choices rolling along with your work week. If you're not much of a daytime fruit person, there are plenty of options.
A small box of raisins or even something as simple as a bag of pretzels undoubtedly beats Cheetos or a Snickers bar. Carrington Farms has a Flax Paks product that is a duel threat in the snacking community. Not only can you eat them right out of the bag, these snacks, packed with fiber, Omega 3s and Omega 6s, can be sprinkled on your morning cereal or even that instant oatmeal you carry with you to the office.
The trick to taming that snacking sensation isn't so much to ignore it, but feed it favorably with something that you won't regret later.

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