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Tapping out: Why bottled water has always been bogus
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Tapping out: Why bottled water has always been bogus

Pepsi, producers of Aquafina, one of the more famous waters on the market, admitted that the bottled water is nothing more than "state of the art tap water."
Whatever that means. But, truthfully, are you really surprised?
I'm not.
In fact, I've always assumed that bottled water, in all its majestic marketing and fancy branding and anything else of that nature, was nothing more than glorified water that comes out of the faucet.
I'd laugh hysterically when bottled water enthusiasts would drink it and revel in just how wonderfully different and healthier it was than the water that comes out of the sink. I never bought into the bottled water phenomenon, and was more than happy filling up my plastic water bottle (re useable, of course) with whatever water was available.

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Even the likes of Fiji, which claim to be bottled at the source of who knows where, did very little to sway my opinion.
That isn't to suggest their aren't more than a fair share of people who live and die by the water that they believe to be filtered beyond belief.
So what exactly does Pepsi do now? Where does Aquafina go from here?
Well, the rumors about Aquafina date back to 2007, and the popular brand still is featured in plenty of convenient and grocery stores, gas stations and just about anywhere that sells cold drinks, so the popularity piece isn't going away or waning much.
Pepsi likely still is making a mint off the water or they'd have poured the bottles out and moved on nine years ago. This suggests that as much as bottled water is the joke at the water cooler it still carries some weight with the masses who still believe in the magic gone awry.
Bottled water always is going to be a force as it relates to the beverage of our choice simply because water is the healthiest drink you can have, but also tap water still hasn't shaken off the cobwebs of being considered a lesser water alternative.
Even with concerns about spending hundreds or thousands on bottled water or how much garbage those bottles are creating, you simply can't say so long to water for good any time soon.

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