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Cable bodied: Why is Comcast so despised?
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Cable bodied: Why is Comcast so despised?

For all intent and purposes, Comcast has it all.
Internet. Phone. Cable. All the bells and whistles and even combo packages that are well under $100.
But for what seems like the prom king that is Comcast looking out at all the other contenders, Comcast feels more like a pretender, call it the principle at the school and hardly the king of kings.
But why is Comcast so hated? What happened to turn the largest communications company in the world into one of the more despised and hated companies, not just in the cable industry, in the world?
Is Comcast in need of a public relations overhaul? Or is the truth so simple that Comcast, based on the service it provides or how they bill ahead, simply always going to be unfairly bashed by customers no matter how hard they try?

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Consider that Comcast is always promoting its appointment times and how they're on point or just how they're so much less expensive and just as proficient (or more) than the competitors such as Direct TV and Dish Network.
Truthfully, it's a little bit of everything that adds up to Comcast being so loathed by the consumer.
The billing is a mess, with Comcast billing you ahead with their crazy billing cycles with customers more confused when the log into their account or call to pay a bill and realize they owe hundreds since Comcast has already billed them for what they haven't used and the balance for what they did use (even though the time period just ended) is considered past due.
In addition, Comcast and its actions speak louder than the words. They market themselves as if they care, they're concerned with their customers and then when you call, it's like you're bothering them, such as a recent situation where I had to haggle with them tooth and nail since I was an authorized user on my fiancee's account, and they couldn't find that information in their system.
Some system, right?
The other piece of this is one that is out of Comcast's control, and falls on the shoulders of the people: we simply don't put a price tag or worth on cable. Everyone wants cable and to be able to watch television, have fast internet or to a lesser degree phone service. But the fact is you don't think cable is worth a few hundred dollars per month, and as much as you claim not to watch or use it all that much, we rarely cancel as we say were are, but instead choose to heap a whole lot of anger toward Comcast.
This isn't to suggest that the cable giant doesn't deserve their fair share of criticism. They're poorly run, for sure, but some blame should stick to the customers, too.

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