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Jenny Craig: A Review
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Jenny Craig: A Review

Much like similar weight-loss programs, Jenny Craig isn't shy about dishing out some spokesperson dollars to get the product's message to the forefront. But the thought of buying three meals a day from Jenny Craig truly takes center stage.
Move past the likes of Mrs. Former Eddie Van Halen (Valerie Bertenelli), and Jenny Craig rocks a solid program underscored with nearly every dieting facet covered.
From a marketing standpoint, Jenny Craig follows in some familiar footsteps and makes sure the masses understand one key aspect of the weight-loss journey: convenience.
And isn't that what every person truly is searching for -- an easy way to lose weight without a fad or starvation diet? Jenny Craig outlines a program and tailors it to the needs of a specific client.
Jenny Craig has grown into a diverse, well-rounded program that doesn't appeal to quick fixes but rather a lifestyle change. Jenny Craig rolls out some serious online tools that take the idea of customer service to a new level (such as 24/7 access support).

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The programs offered range in price but certainly aren't outrageous and are comparable to that of a gym membership. And, a membership to a gym, typically doesn't include any information about how or what to eat.
That, however, brings up a small downside to Jenny Craig and other programs that are similar: they don't include a hand's on exercise program. Jenny Craig attempts to remedy that drawback with a specific consultant that is "yours."
Consulting can be done at a Jenny Craig location or through the magic that is the world-wide web. The real cornerstone of Jenny Craig is its marketing to women as their clientele with more of an empowering message then that of a glorified lab rat.
Most of the literature centers on "living life" and "not slowing down," and other rhetoric that doesn't suggest a radical change but rather a gradual, safe process that sounds much more appealing than something like at Atkins or South Beach Diet.
Although perhaps seen by some pundits as a miscalculation, the casting of Bertenelli and other celebrities like her actually resonate more with the demographic Jenny Craig is trying to lure: the average woman.
Bertenelli is just famous enough to be recognizable but isn't overly "A-List" to the point that most women assume her results are unattainable or she's lavishly being trained seven days a week for hours upon end.
What may be a roadblock for some interested in Jenny Craig is the thought of buying food directly from the company as opposed to using store-bought groceries.
The Jenny Craig program touts "only $15 per day" to eat the foods prepared specifically created to ensure a successful path to weight loss. Groups, like mothers for example, who are responsible for buying not only Jenny Craig food but also grub for the entire household may gripe at the price.
Doing both grocery shopping and hand-picking the Jenny Craig menu might be a deal-breaker and force clients to move on based on budgetary concerns.
No matter how it is sliced, buying breakfast, lunch and dinner from Jenny Craig may lead to a lighter person but still feel a little too heavy in the wallet.

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